Orlando Bloom Teases Fiancee Katy Perry for Wardrobe Mishap, Jokingly Calls it a ‘Frying Pan’

In a recent incident on ‘American Idol’, British actor Orlando Bloom playfully teased his fiancee Katy Perry about her outfit before it ‘broke’ on live television. The actor compared her look to a cooking utensil, sparking a funny exchange between the couple.

Katy Perry, 39, had posted pictures of her attire on Instagram, receiving compliments from many. However, Orlando Bloom couldn’t resist poking fun at her, saying, “Glad I could bend that frying pan with my bare hands for you baby.” Katy responded humorously, “Wow good one and I didn’t even write it this time.”

Actor Alexander James Rodriguez also joined the banter, commenting, “Let’s hope it’s not bent around your ear later.” Shortly after, a clip was shared of the outfit malfunctioning during a performance on ‘American Idol’, causing Katy to laugh it off, stating, “That song… um… broke my top off… I guess it is a woman’s world.”

The light-hearted moment between the couple and the wardrobe mishap added some humor to the show, leaving fans entertained. Orlando and Katy’s playful interaction on social media and the subsequent incident on ‘American Idol’ created a buzz among viewers, showcasing their fun personalities.


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