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Pakistani national completes sentence in Uttar Pradesh jail, awaits repatriation

Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh: Pakistani national Mohammad Masroor a.k.a Mansoor Ahmad Guddu, 43, is set to be repatriated to Pakistan after being convicted of visa violation in 2013. Currently lodged in Gorakhpur jail, Masroor has obtained a no-objection certificate from the Ministry of External Affairs.

According to Gorakhpur jail superintendent Dileep Pandey, Masroor has completed the maximum 15-year sentence for the visa violation. The jail authorities have reached out to the Ministry of External Affairs to begin the necessary legal procedures and make the final decision regarding his release.

Masroor was apprehended by Bahraich police in 2009 while trying to enter India via the porous India-Nepal border. Following interrogation, he was charged with espionage, violating passport and visa regulations, and plotting an attack on India in 2010.

The repatriation process of Mohammad Masroor signals a significant development in the legal proceedings surrounding his case. With the involvement of the Ministry of External Affairs, the final decision on his release will be made, marking the conclusion of a lengthy legal ordeal for Masroor.


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