Property Management in Oakland, California: 8 Best Practices for Long-Distance Landlords (2023)

Managing your property in Oakland, California, from a distance can pose various difficulties. However, understanding the local regulations can simplify the task and ensure lawful property management. Additionally, implementing proven strategies can effectively handle the task of property management in Oakland, California even when you’re not present in the city. The California government grants you the authority to take appropriate legal actions as needed. Consider the following tips, which will undoubtedly assist long-distance landlords.

8 Tips for Managing Oakland, California Properties: What Landlords Need to Know

1.   Find Reliable Tenants:

The foremost crucial aspect is to ensure that you find tenants whom you can trust completely. However, how can you determine if you have found reliable tenants for leasing your property? The process begins by requesting potential tenants to complete a rental application, which should encompass essential inquiries. This application should gather their personal information and provide comprehensive details about their background. For example, besides personal details, it is necessary to include inquiries about their current and previous landlords. Additionally, conducting a comprehensive background check, including a criminal history check, is highly recommended.

Did you know?

Landlords are restricted from taking into account specific types of criminal records, which include:

1.       Arrests that did not result in a conviction

2.       Participation in a pretrial or post-trial diversion program

3.       Convictions that  the court has sealed

4.       Convictions from the juvenile justice system

It is also forbidden to inquire about the tenants’ age and medical conditions.

2.     Choose a Local Representative:

Since moving between cities can be challenging, having someone residing in the same city is advisable. This person can be introduced to your tenant to stay connected during emergencies or for immediate repair notifications. This local representative is not in charge but is authorized to make minor decisions in your absence. However, it is essential for your local representative to maintain regular communication with you, and you can even appoint them to check if everything is functioning correctly periodically.

3.     It’s Crucial to Communicate with Tenants:

Maintaining regular communication with your tenants is crucial, even if you reside far away from your Oakland property. It ensures that you know of any issues they may be experiencing or if any repairs or replacements are needed. Regular communication also enables you to address major crises and find quick solutions promptly. Finding an effective method to stay in touch with them is essential.

4.     Hire a Property Management Company:

When faced with significant decision-making tasks, it is beneficial to seek the expertise of professionals. Whether it involves understanding the appropriate steps to take during disputes or finding effective methods to select reliable tenants, expert guidance can greatly simplify the process of Oakland property management remotely. Additionally, implementing proven strategies can effectively handle the task of property management in Oakland, California even when you’re not present in the city. The California government grants you the authority to take appropriate legal actions as needed. Consider the following tips, which will undoubtedly assist long-distance landlords.

5.     Pay a Personal Visit to Your House:

Although it may seem challenging, fulfilling your responsibilities as a landlord and maintaining your property is vital. Hence, it is necessary to make an effort to meet your tenants in person as often as possible. It allows you to inspect the current condition of your rental unit personally. Furthermore, if you discover any deliberate damage caused by your tenants, you can seek compensation. In such cases, you can deduct the corresponding amount from the security deposit if necessary.

Did you know?

According to the law, the landlord and tenant can mutually agree that the tenant will take care of certain repairs and maintenance tasks in return for a reduced rent amount.

6.     Shift Online for Paperwork:

To manage your properties effectively, obtaining signatures from your tenants or providing your own signature on important documents is often necessary. However, since you reside far from Oakland, it is difficult to travel frequently solely for signature collection. In such cases, you can conveniently utilize online tools that simplify obtaining digital signatures without traveling physically. Additionally, transitioning to online platforms facilitates the easy sharing of important documents in the soft copy format.

7.     Select an Online Payment Method:

As tenants move in, there will be situations that require monetary transactions. You don’t have to travel between cities to collect rent or handle monetary transactions. This can be efficiently accomplished through online methods. Additionally, there may be instances where the landlord is responsible for major repairs or installations. Therefore, consider utilizing online payment methods and choose a convenient mode for both parties involved.

8.     Installing Security Cameras:

In today’s technologically advanced era, it is crucial to prioritize the security of your property in the smartest way. With the aid of technology, it is now possible to remotely monitor activities and visitors at your place, even when you are far away from Oakland. Ensuring the safety of your tenants is also part of your responsibility as a property owner. Therefore, consider installing security cameras that allow you to monitor your property from a remote location. This enables you to stay informed and receive real-time updates about your property.


Managing your property will become easier once you familiarize yourself with the government regulations that landlords and tenants must adhere to. It is crucial to review these rules before seeking out tenants. Additionally, ensure that your rental application form is appropriate and comprehensive, as it is the initial step to gathering information about potential tenants. Seeking guidance from a legal expert is also recommended, especially when managing your property remotely.

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