Report: FBI questions German right-wing politician about Russian funds

The leading candidate for the far-right AfD party in the European Parliament elections, Maximilian Krah, has been questioned by the FBI regarding possible payments from pro-Russian patrons. The questioning took place in the US in December 2023, raising concerns about covert payments.

Krah confirmed being questioned by US investigators about his contacts in Ukraine, denying any wrongdoing. The suspicion arose from a chat message indicating a problem with the “compensation” for Krah’s “technical expenses.” The wording suggested possible covert payments.

Krah dismissed the accusations as absurd and denied receiving any money from the pro-Russian activist. He claimed his contacts with the activist were transparent and could be found on his Instagram account. Krah suggested the chat message may have been meant for someone else.

The FBI investigation also involves Krah’s association with the pro-Russian platform Voice of Europe. The Czech Republic recently placed VoE on its national sanctions list, alleging it to be part of a Russian influence operation targeting Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Krah denies accepting money from VoE.

The European Parliament elections are approaching, scheduled for June 6-9. The controversy surrounding Krah’s alleged ties to pro-Russian patrons and possible covert payments could impact his candidacy and the AfD’s standing in the elections. The FBI’s investigation and Krah’s responses raise questions about his campaign’s integrity and transparency.


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