Research indicates that fairness creams contribute to a rise in kidney issues in India

New Study Links Skin Fairness Creams to Kidney Problems in India

New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) – A recent study published in the medical journal Kidney International has revealed the alarming connection between the use of skin fairness creams and an increase in kidney problems in India. The study highlights the harmful effects of mercury found in these creams, which are widely popular due to societal norms promoting fair skin.

The study found that the high mercury content in skin fairness creams is leading to a rise in cases of Membranous Nephropathy (MN), a condition that damages kidney filters and causes protein leakage. Dr. Sajeesh Sivadas, from the Department of Nephrology at Aster MIMS Hospital in Kerala, emphasized the serious impact of mercury absorption through the skin on kidney health.

Patients presented with symptoms such as fatigue, mild edema, and increased frothing of urine, with some developing additional complications like cerebral vein thrombosis. The study identified a rare form of MN associated with malignancy in 68% of cases, with the majority of patients admitting to using skin fairness creams before experiencing symptoms.

The researchers have called for increased public awareness about the dangers of these products and urged health authorities to regulate the use of mercury in skin care products. Dr. Sajeesh also highlighted the role of social media influencers and celebrities in promoting these creams, contributing to a multibillion-dollar industry that poses a significant public health risk.

As the study underscores the urgent need for regulatory measures to protect public health from the harmful effects of mercury in skin fairness creams, it raises concerns about the broader implications of mercury exposure through consumer products. Immediate action is crucial to address this growing public health crisis and prevent further harm caused by these unregulated products.


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