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Singer K.K. Death A Warning To The Middle Aged Not To Ignore Warning Signs Of Heart Ailments




Details are emerging about the unfortunate death of K.K. just after the event in Kolkatta. Videos of the event reveal that K.K. was sweating profusely ad questions are being raised if the unfortunate event could have been avoided.  Singer K.K.’s Death  has also led to questions being raised about the safety and first aid facilities available at the venue of the event.

The sudden death of the popular Bollywood singer K.K. has left his fans in a state of shock and disbelief. Before his death the highly popular singer had performed at Nazrul Mancha in Kolkata on Tuesday. He was feeling unwell and after his return to the hotel suffered a massive cardiac arrest which took his life.

Singer K.K.’s Death : Highlighting The Need Maintaining Cardiac Health

It is imperative that the warning signs be take seriously. People often fail to identify the symptoms which occur before the incidence of cardiac arrest. There has been increased incidence of cardiac arrest in the young ones. A number of high profile personalities have succumbed to cardiac ailments and this has highlighted the need for maintaining cardiac health.


One of the most important things is to adopt a healthy lifestyle which can reduce the risk of cardiac ailments. Sedentary life style, irregular eating habits, sleeplessness can increase the risk of cardiac arrest.

Regular health checkup especially if one has a history of cardiac ailments in his family is very important. Regular health checkups after 40 must be a routine task. Basic blood test like lipid profile, ECG, Echocardiogram tests helps to identify any future cardiac event and help the doctor to prescribe medicines to preempt any incidence of Cardiac arrest. The three tests that will help identify any cardiac ailment includes Baseline test, Lipid profile, Stress test, Treadmill test, Sugar Test

Some of the warning signs which doctors say must not be ignored include-

  • Having chest pain could mean your heart is ill
  • Nausea, indigestion, heartburn, and abdominal pain are signs which must not be ignored and medical advice must be sought immediately.
  • Pain starting from the left side of the body and radiating towards Arm is a classic sign of heart attack
  • Dizziness or unsteady gait along with chest discomfort or shortness of breath, then consult a doctor right away
  • Sweating profusely is also a common symptom and needs a thorough evaluation.
  • Irregular heartbeat if it happens every now and then it is a problem

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