Stylish Men’s Haircuts to Try This Year

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A haircut is a part of what contributes to the first impression. You can represent yourself in different personalities depending on how you want people to see you. However, you can create a negative lasting impression if you do not know how to choose the right hairstyle, whether women or mens haircuts.

You do not wear a haircut because you found it looking good on your friend. There is more to it. Mens haircuts can be inspired by many things, for example, you have to consider your hair texture, face shape, length, and type of your hair.

1. Hair Type and Texture

For a haircut to look good on you, it is important to understand the type of hair you have by considering its characteristics. If yours is thick, voluminous cuts or long hairstyles will look good on you. You can add bangs, waves, and toupees if you want more vibrancy. If your hair is curly, you can never go wrong with a pixie or layered. 

Guys with thin hair might feel as if they are limited to a specific haircut. For this type of hair, you can wear cuts in all gradient forms and rock on your trendy looks.

2. The Shape of the Face

Face shape is another great consideration to make before settling for a haircut. According to MensHaircuts, although there are lots of men’s haircuts, not all are suitable for all faces. Guys with round faces look awesome when more volume is added on top. 

Because a beard contributes to the face shape, a haircut that aligns with yours is recommended.

3. Men’s Haircuts and Lifestyle

Some men’s haircuts need more time to maintain while others require little to no attention at all. Some are DIYs while others require a professional’s input. If you are a busy person who doesn’t like spending a lot of time while preparing, a simple haircut should be your to-go-for option.

And, if you are okay with spending time on your hair while preparing for any occasion, you can go for those that demand high maintenance. Such cuts also require quality hair products to keep them looking good for a long time.

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4. Getting the Best Out of Mens Haircuts

After getting that cool haircut, it is good to keep it looking great. It doesn’t mean visiting your barber daily to help you set it. It means using modern or traditional techniques. You can also use hair products and tools that help with keeping your hair cut looking fresh and sharp.

Products such as hair gel are excellent if you want your hair to have a wet look. If you want to maintain the volume your barber styled, use a blow dryer. So, it is up to you to decide whether you want your haircut to remain to look great or lose its vibrancy within a few days after having it.

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5. Some Examples of Mens Haircuts

We have said there is a lot to consider before choosing a haircut. Your availability to maintain the hairstyle, facial features, and hair texture. Also, you have to be updated about the current men’s haircuts to ensure you do not look off. Here are some of the cuts men are going for today:

  • Shaven: it is an incredible haircut for men with thick hair and looks more flattering on those with long faces. The cut is among the most comfortable and is low-maintenance. With a shaven hairstyle, you can opt for various options depending on the length of your hair. For instance, if you want a clean look you can opt for a buzz cut. For more stylish styles, you can consider taper or fade haircuts and go for long, medium, or low styles.
  • Demoted: it can be worn by guys with thick or thin hair. The short hairstyle can be styled in different variations and can adapt to any style. It is an ideal style for professionals who want something low-key.
  • Long hair: the hairstyle was not embraced by many people previously. But, it is now one of go for mens haircuts for men with long hair. It can be tied into a bun or left loose. This is ideal for guys who like the casual looks or where they work isn’t too strict on the hairstyle one wears.

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