SydeLabs, an AI security startup, secures funding to protect GenAI systems

AI security and risk management startup SydeLabs has successfully secured $2.5 million in its seed funding round led by RTP Global. The company aims to develop solutions to enhance the security of generative AI systems for enterprises, addressing the emerging cybersecurity challenges associated with the adoption of AI technology.

SydeLabs, founded by Ruchir Patwa and Ankita Kumari, offers innovative solutions to identify security vulnerabilities in enterprise AI systems and prevent potential cybersecurity attacks in real-time. The funding round also saw participation from Picus Capital and marquee angel investors, reflecting confidence in the startup’s mission to mitigate cybersecurity risks in AI systems.

The increasing adoption of generative AI technology poses new cybersecurity threats, as it introduces a human-like element into previously secure systems, making them susceptible to social engineering and manipulation. SydeLabs’ approach focuses on understanding the intent of attackers, rather than relying on traditional pattern matching techniques, to provide more robust cybersecurity solutions.

“We are building a comprehensive platform for risk management of generative AI systems, across the entire development lifecycle. This can give a huge productivity boost to enterprises,” said Ruchir Patwa, co-founder and CEO of SydeLabs. The company’s commitment to enhancing AI security has garnered praise from industry experts, such as Galina Chifina, Partner at RTP Global, who commended SydeLabs’ innovative approach to AI security.

In a statement, Ankita Kumari highlighted the importance of addressing security and compliance challenges associated with AI technologies, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to safeguard enterprise data and prevent potential cybersecurity breaches. SydeLabs’ focus on preemptive risk management in AI systems demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing cybersecurity concerns in the digital era.


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