Sydney Second Mass Shooting Update: Muslim or Jewish Rumors Before Identifying the Suspect

Sydney Second Mass Shooting- Australians are currently mourning the loss of a Pakistani security guard and five women who were killed in the second Sydney mass shooting. 

The stabbing attack occurred at Bondi Junction had everyone’s eye on it. Police announced that they are yet to confirm the ideology or motive behind this attack, reported Al Jazeera.

It is unknown whether the killer targeted the women deliberately or not. 

Before identifying the killer, rumors about the attacker’s identity being a Jewish or Muslim were circulating on the internet. However, the suspect was identified as a white Christian hailing from Australia, named Joel Cauchi.

Joel Cauchi is the seventh person who was killed in the second Sydney mass shooting by a law enforcement official. 

When the 40-year-old suspect confronted a female police official with a knife, she shot him at the scene. 

One of the five women who were killed in the second Sydney mass shooting included Ashlee Good. Ashlee’s nine-month-old baby was transferred to the hospital as the baby suffered stab wounds. 

As per The Guardian, Faraz Tahir was the 30-year-old security guard from Pakistan who got killed in the attack while trying to stop the suspect. 

 Apart from six people, nine other women and two men were also shifted to the hospital as they were injured from stab wounds. 

According to Karen Webb, New South Wales (NSW) Police Commissioner, a higher number of women were the victims in the Sydney second mass shooting. 

Sydney Second Mass Shooting Deadliest Attack Since 2022

Sydney’s second mass shooting that occurred on Saturday is considered the deadliest attack in Australia since December 2022 in which six people were killed. The killing happened due to “Christian extremist ideology.”

However, Webb stated that police have not linked the recent mass shooting with Christian activism yet. 

Statistics of women getting killed by men in Australia until 2024 are 23. It occurs due to widespread protests and they get killed by men.

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