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Tips to Win at Online Bingo

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Bingo has a long and exciting history. It traces its roots to 16th century Italy. Over the years, the game spread to France, the UK, Canada, and the US. Today, bingo is easily accessible on the Internet.

Although a simple and exciting game, bingo is a game of luck. You can’t use special skills and strategies to get an edge over the house. However, you can use the following tips to increase your chances of winning.

Play at Top-Rated Sites

Bingo sites aren’t created the same. They have different security measures, different bingo games, bonuses, and payment methods. Play bingo for real cash at sites with a wide range of bingo games:

  • 30 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • 80 ball bingo
  • 90 ball bingo

Also, pick a website that supports your favorite payment method. At the same time, ensure the casino supports low deposit limits, low fees, and quick withdrawals. In other words, you want to play bingo at a reliable website.

No one wants to get frustrated by bingo sites that keep crashing. You also don’t want to play bingo games of inferior quality. Quite the contrary, we all want great experiences, so choose the top bingo sites.

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Learn the Basics

If you’re a new bingo player, invest some time in understanding how the game works. Playing bingo is simple anyway. 

1. 90-Ball Bingo

A 90-ball bingo ticket has 15 numbers in a 9×3 grid. The numbers range from 1-90. The first column consists of numbers 1-9. The second column row has numbers 10-19. This goes on until the ninth row, which has numbers 81-90. 

The are three ways to win 90-ball bingo. First, you win if all the numbers in one of the three rows in a 90-ball bingo ticket are called out. Another way is to cover all the numbers in two horizontal lines. The final way to win is a little bit more complicated. You need to mark all the 15 numbers on your ticket. This is also called the full house and can earn you a small fortune.

2. 75-Ball Bingo

75-ball bingo consists of a ticket with a 5×5 grid. Tickets consist of numbers 1-75. Like 90-ball bingo, numbers in this bingo type are arranged in columns. The first column consists of numbers 1-15. The second column features numbers 16 to 30. The fifth column features numbers 61 to 75.

Often, 75-ball bingo tickets have the word BINGO spelt out at the top of each card. Additionally, there’s a card with no number written: “free space” at the centre of each card. All the same, the goal of 75-ball bingo is to cover all the 24 numbers on your ticket.

Another way to make money from 75-ball bingo is by marking vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines. Some games also feature additional patterns you can cover and win.

3. 30-Ball Bingo

30-ball bingo is a smaller version of 75-ball bingo. It has tickets with three rows, three columns, and nine numbers in total. Numbers are listed in columns: 1-10, 11-20, and 21 to 30. 3-ball bingo is a relatively new bingo type.

It was introduced to offer a fast-paced, exciting type of bingo people are already familiar with. Winning means filling a line, covering two lines, or producing a full house. 

4. Practice

In this age of free to play online games, no one has to spend money on casino games. The apps and websites give you free betting credits. They also connect you to fellow bingo fans so that you play the game against real people.

Playing free bingo games helps you learn more about how different bingo games work. It also helps you learn how to stay alert in a bingo room, how to socialize, and how to choose cards with a higher chance of winning.

Importantly, free-to-play bingo apps allow you to experiment with different strategies. For example, you can buy multiple cards to determine whether playing with numerous cards increases your chances of winning.

5. Play Bingo Using Bonuses

The best strategies to help you win at bingo involve spending a lot of money. For instance, maximizing your bet amounts increases your chances of winning more significant amounts of cash. The same also applies to buying multiple cards—it’s costlier but also improves your odds.

Bonuses give you a chance to play with multiple cards or to bet big risk-free. Think of a $20 no wager bonus. You can use it to play 20 games worth $20 each. And since the offer has zero wager terms, you can cash out all the money you win from the freebies.

Now, not every bonus comes wager-free. Most bonuses require that you spend a specific amount of cash to withdraw your bonus winnings. Read these terms to ensure you can fulfill them before you claim an offer.

Crucially, choose websites with lots of bonuses. A welcome bonus isn’t enough. Ensure you can also get reload bonuses, VIP rewards, and cashback offers. 

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6. Play Jackpot Games

Bingo is a game of pure chance. So, who says you can’t be the lucky winners of a $10,000 jackpot? Yes, the games tend to be costlier than regular games. And sure, they’re more populated.

But the explanation behind playing jackpot bingo is that it has lucrative grand prizes. Here, you don’t compete to win $20 or $50. Your $5 bet could produce a return of $5000 or $10000 if you’re lucky. 

Of course, you can also use one of the popular bingo strategies to improve your odds of winning. Systems aren’t 100% correct. But if they can improve your chances of winning even by a slight chance, they’re worth the effort. 


Bingo is a social, easy-to-play game. You can play it at home with family and friends. Or you can also play the game online to win money. Either way, learn the basics, use bonuses, and strategies, and practice often to become a better player. Vitally, play bingo at reliable websites and apps. 

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