Twitchcon Rotterdam 2024: Location, Guest Performance, Tickets and More

Twitch is a live streaming platform which is owned by Amazon, the giant online selling platform. This is the fifth year of TwitchCon being held for the fans and creators to meet and hang out together at a place.

Twitchcon Rotterdam 2024 Tickets Price

Even though the event is quite far from taking place and not everything is revealed yet regarding the event, the tickets are out. They are priced at a range of €75 for a single day or €125 for both days. There are also VIP tickets available for people who like the special perks and want to go backstage, but the price list for those is not yet available to the general public.

Twitchcon Rotterdam Location

The event will be for two days. It will be on June 29 and June 3. This will also include games, performances, meet and greets, and more by the big names on the streaming platforms. And fans are all lined up to travel to the Netherlands as the event is all ready to take place there. The vent will be in Rotterdam Ahoy and as per reports for the next two years of the event, they will return to the same location for fun times and the blast!

Twitchcon Rotterdam Guest Streamers’ Lineup

Sweet_Anita, JackManifoldTV, Amar, CyborgAngel, FiNessi, Lumenti, Saar, StreamwithLien, AndreaOMeVoy, daniellippens, lydia__a, Radderss, Samora, BagheraJones, Ebonix, LEAH, MrGibbon, ronnyberger, Shylily, Syrix, bekyamon, Fems, levideweerd, owengjuicetv, RouzVega, Smajor, and Twoosie are supposed to be performing in the event.

Twitchcon Rotterdam 2024 Chat Badge

The chat badge is an e-ticket, which interested visitors are supposed to purchase. The chat badge will appear once a person has paid for the ticket, and upon that, they will get the perks that are allotted to them through it.

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