Warning Issued Against Dangerous Game ‘Senior Assassin’ After the Death of a 16-Year-Old Boy

Internet trends sometimes get infiltrated by games that result in dangerous situations for those involved. We had Blue Whale and then Pokémon Go, and now we have “Senior Assassin.” In this game, players receive a target and must eliminate them using water guns, paintball guns, and other similar items.

Warning Issued Against Dangerous Game ‘Senior Assassin’

The target is a real person. The game has gone so far that participants are running and chasing people in public, including outside school boundaries. The stakes have been raised as people now carry fake firearms resembling real ones while chasing others for the game. Although the game did not originate from TikTok, videos of participants “eliminating” their targets have gone viral on the platform.

Recently, a group of high school students was running around with fake firearms when they encountered a licensed gun owner. The police have stated that this game can lead to dangerous situations because someone with a real gun might feel threatened and end up shooting someone without knowing the full context.

Tragically, the game has already caused the death of a boy. Six-year-old Justin Johnson, who had sickle cell disease, was lured out of his room by the trend, while others began chasing him with toy guns. After a few moments, Justin suffered heart palpitations, prompting his father to call for help.

Unfortunately, Justin had stopped breathing by the time help arrived. The family’s lawyers are now pursuing legal action against the “Senior Assassin” game, which they believe caused Justin’s death. “It’s supposed to be a game that involves individuals trying to tag other individuals with water guns or pellet guns or paintball guns,” claimed the lawyer during the hearing of this case.

Investigations are ongoing, and the police have issued a warning about the dangers associated with the game.

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