Alger Middle School Shooting: Investigation Underway, Suspect Not Known

A violent shooting incident taking place near the Alger Middle School campus has dominated the media headlines. This incident took place on Tuesday in Alger Heights near the Michigan City, reported by Fox17.

As per the local media outlets, this incident prompted a huge police presence in Grand Rapids. In the gunfire exchange, a person was fatally shot and hurt. 

Moreover, police said that following the incident, the victim was immediately transferred to a local hospital. 

The gunfire exchange occurred in a car parked adjacent to the school. News 8’s report added that during the school’s end, the parents of the students were in search of their children to come out of Alger Middle School.

During this time, a person got gunshot wounds. The identity of the victim who was hospitalized was not known. 

Revealing Suspect and Victim’s Identity 

As per Larry Johnson, the Executive Director of Public Safety and Chief of Staff of the Grand Rapids Public Schools, a minimum of one student of the institution was engaged in the shooting incident that took place. 

Confirmation from the authorities later revealed to the local press that the victim was a 12-year-old student of the school. Moreover, the pre-teen boy was conscious and was getting treatment. 

Eric Winstrom, the Chief of Grand Rapids Police Department was quoted saying, “I am thankful to say that, as of now, we’re being told that the injuries are not life-threatening.”

As per WoodTV, Police said that two boys after the incident rushed to the entry gate of the school and one of them had a bullet injury. A gun was fired at Blaine Avenue and Edna Street SE. 

Winstrom added, “one of them was seeking help for his friend.” Thus, the GRPS officials gave the victim some first aid and then the police were called. 

No information is available about the suspect. Moreover, the school was also placed on a temporary lockdown following the dreadful incident.

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