What is Black Friday? Why it is regarded as the biggest sale of the year?

Black Friday is a famous term that denotes a day after Thanksgiving i.e Friday. It also marks the commencement of the Christmas shopping season. It is considered the biggest sale of the year in western countries, especially the USA. Lately, it has also spread all throughout the globe including India. 

Black Friday: What is it?

It is basically a sales weekend after Thanksgiving. It is also known as pre-Christmas and post-Thanksgiving shopping. Brands as well as local shops offer heavy discounts on almost every item they sell to customers during this time. Retailers around the globe including in India have now started following this custom and giving special offers on their products. 

When will the day be celebrated this year:

This year 2022, it will be celebrated on 25 November. 

History and Significance of Black Friday

Although people in America have been celebrating Thanksgiving for thousands of years. But it was Franklin D. Roosevelt who proclaimed the festival in 1942 and made it mandatory to celebrate the fourth Thursday of November every year.

Coming back to Black Friday, it wasn’t exactly linked to Thanksgiving from the 20th century. It all started in 1869 when Black Friday represented the US gold market crash. It was the same day when a market crash brought on by decreases in gold prices occurred. It gave a long-lasting effect on the economy of the U.S.

It is believed that Philadelphia, the state in the  US, is where it all started. The term “Black Friday” first appeared in 1960. Back in the day, the streets were jampacked with heavy traffic right after Thanksgiving so much so that Philadelphia Police Department had to face a lot of complaints about it in order to resolve it. It was referred to as “Black Friday”.

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