When is Yom Kippur in 2021: Date, Meaning, History, Significance, Fasting, Rituals, Symbols and a lot more

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Yom Kippur is also known as the “Day of Atonement”. This is a Holy day celebrated mainly in the United States, Isreal, Canada, France and the United Kingdom by people of Judaism Religion. Yom Kippur is celebrated on the 10th day of Hebrew month, Tishrei. This Holy day comes after the 10 days of Hebrew New Year called, Rosh Hashanah. As per the beliefs of Jews, On the day of Yom Kippur God decides the fate of every person on the behalf of this deed that whether he should live or die. From Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur, between these 10 days jews people worship god, takes fast and do good works to please God. On the day of Yom Kippur, people take fast for 25-hours. Let us tell you give you more deep information of Yom Kippur 2021, Date, Meaning, History, Significance, Fasting, Rituals, Symbols and a lot more.

When is Yom Kippur in 2021? Date

The Hebrew New Year, Rosh Hashanah has started on 6 September. So, as the Yom Kippur is celebrated after 10 days of the New Year, this year Yom Kippur will start in the evening of 15 September and will end in the evening of 16 September.

Yom Kippur Meaning

Yom Kippur means the “Day of Atonement”, which means the day is celebrated for the Atonement for personal sins, the fate of each person is sealed for the upcoming year. The day is celebrated with Fasting, prayer, abstaining from physical pleasures, refraining from work.

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History, and Significance

According to tradition, the first Yom Kippur occurred after the Israelites fled Egypt and reached Mount Sinai, where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

Descending the mountain, Moses caught his men worshipping a golden calf and in anger broke the sacred tablets.

Because the Israelites stoned their idolatry, God forgave their sins and offered Moses a second set of Tablets.


Yom Kippur is characterized by a 25-hour fast. On Yum Kippur, fast is observed from Sundown to Sundown.


> Self-Reflection – Do prayer for Forgiveness for the wrongs you have done.

> The fast has a time limit for a reason – begin your fast at sundown the night before Yom Kippur and continue until one hour after sunset on Yom Kippur.

In addition to the forgoing food and drink, people are also encouraged to abstain from bathing (hand-washing is allowed, thank God), and to use perfumes and lotions. Although not taking a bath may seem different from going without breakfast and lunch, these gestures demonstrate a similar desire to avoid all kinds of indulgences and worldly pleasures while making atonement.

Sex is discouraged, too.

Avoid leather shoes, but don’t go overboard.

Try to wear white.

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