Who Is Behind The ‘Level Sabke Niklenge’ Meme and What Is She Doing Now? A Sneak Peak into Laxmi’s Life

Level sabke niklenge’ might not be a very unfamiliar term if you’re someone who uses social media or even has a hang of it. It’s a popular meme used frequently by people in Instagram reels, TikToks, vlogs, by cricketers, on YouTube, and more.

It has gotten to be used in real-time so much so that people have now started to ask questions as to who and how did this trend start. As per the investigation and more research, the term and origin of it date back to 2018 when Laxmi Sharma, a middle-class girl from Chandigarh, stated in her vlog the term and wanted to say that she would make it big in her life someday.

A Sneak Peak Onto ‘Level sabke niklenge’ girl aka Laxmi Sharma’s Life

Well, up until 2024, nobody questioned where she went or where she is now. But when questions about the same came out in public, Laxmi released a picture of herself in slides where she showed her humble beginnings and that she is now a multi-millionaire with a luxury car and house

Her claims have not been confirmed officially yet, but her pictures seems legit and are making rounds on the internet.

The ‘level sabke niklenge’ girl is now a senior manager at Forever India, a MLM Company.

People online are now shocked to see this huge leap she took from her earlier posts.

There are memes online and videos about her surrounding the internet now.

Not much is known about her upfront; all we know is that she endorsed Forever Living, and she is a significant part of the network marketing company.

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