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Why is Technology Important in Betting?

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It is no secret that technology has improved many aspects of our lives. No matter what sector it is, from shopping to gaming and not least bookmakers. Incorporating technology has allowed bookmakers to access the best casino welcome bonuses in a very simple way. Now, from your sofa at home, you can choose from many options in the gambling sector, thanks to a simple technological code.

With the technology’s versatility, betting has never been more accessible to the average consumer. Therefore, it is fair that we bettors, newcomers and veterans alike, reflect on how much these technological advancements have influenced the gambling landscape and whether these changes should be embraced or looked upon in dread. Regardless of our personal feelings over how much sway technology has over this hobby of ours, one fact remains immutable: technology is here to stay, and change can already be felt in the atmosphere. 

The growth of technology in gambling

Technology has already affected gambling in more ways than first imagined. The strict regulations and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 have caused a boom in the online and streaming industries, including online gambling. Unfortunately, self-isolation left many deprived of their favourite hobbies, including bettors and gambling aficionados, who found themselves unable to attend their favourite casinos. Online gaming allowed them to bypass this issue and fight off any boredom or, maybe even loneliness.

Online betting on mobiles, tablets and personal computers has become a mainstream pastime for many. However, other electronic wearable gadgets such as smartwatches and wristbands also allow access to online betting. It has become easier than ever to place your bets wherever you are if you have the right device. Playing is now not merely in physical casinos or betting shops, but just about anywhere you please, whether at home, ordering a beverage at your favourite coffee shop, or waiting in line whilst shopping for groceries.

Others have also pointed out the potential negative effects of technological development of online gambling, with easy access to online casinos and the promise of large earnings a click away, it could attract minors and gambling addicts. It is up to the casinos, both online and physical, to promote and uphold responsible gaming habits and help avoid gambling addiction.

Social Media in the gambling sector 

As previously stated, for better or worse, the impact of technology in our everyday lives is an evident fact, and swimming against the current will only result in losses for all sorts of businesses and companies. Therefore, casinos of all kinds are required to modernise and evolve if they are to survive and flourish in this 21st-century market. 

Proper social media marketing is a must-have in order to promote any business, including all casinos. As social media continues to flourish every single year and everyone is hooked to their favourite platforms, whether if it is on social media. It is important to make sure your brand remains engaged in the social media landscape by offering lucrative offers that will attract and bring in new customers to your online casinos. 

Plan B to legal casinos

As we look at how technological upgrades have made online betting not only more popular but also more available for many, it is no surprise that in many countries where gambling is outlawed, fans still take the chance to partake in this hobby through illegal black-market online casinos. Although these improvements allow players to participate in the game, it turns out that bettors usually end up betting more than merely money, hoping to avoid legal ramifications and heavy fines whilst still trying to enjoy their hobby. But what if it did not have to be this way? 

When given the choice, gamers will always choose a legal, state-sanctioned option over an illegal one. By allowing certain online casinos to operate in accordance with state laws and regulations, many players will happily switch. Not only would legalise gambling heavily damage the impact of black-market sites and organised crime, but it would also allow providers to register their casinos legally. This measure would allow online gambling sites to provide their services legally, contributing to increased amounts of revenue to their governments as a new industry, as well as providers of new employment opportunities.  

Online casinos as lucrative sources of revenue

A final observation regarding safe online betting practices includes the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum rather than standardized currency to place bets. This is a viable option because online currency is a cheaper payment option for both parties, bettors and operators. Besides, online currency does not disclose personal banking information, thus avoiding the bettor’s many jurisdiction-related problems.

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