Why you shouldn’t buy a used bicycle helmet

Bicycle gear can be pretty expensive, especially when you have to start from scratch. Some people decide to buy some second-hand bicycle safety gear, to save on their budget. But please be aware of the dangers of a second-hand used bicycle helmet. Do NOT buy your helmet second-hand. Besides the hygiene factor, there is the safety factor. Buying a second-hand bicycle helmet is a huge safety hazard. Here are given you a few reasons why not to buy a second-hand bicycle helmet that’s been used. To know more about bicycle helmets click on YAKKAY.

Pick a helmet that fits the shape of your head

This tip applies when you buy a used helmet, but also when you are darting for a new helmet! Every helmet has its shape, which means that not every helmet will hold your head perfectly. You can approximately sort them into three kinds of shapes. Make sure you find out what kind of formation your head has, to find the best helmet for you.

  • Round oval helmets will suit wider heads. They are almost as wide as long, making them a more circular formation.
  • Medium oval helmets are the “average” shape ahead. They are oval but not as little as the long oval helmets.
  • Long oval helmets are meant for individuals with skinny and long heads from front to back.

Helmets get expire after a couple of years

A lot of people don’t know this, but helmets too have an expiration date. Some types last longer than others (depending on the used materials), but they all lapse within a few years.

There is no method to know how old a helmet is when you buy it second-hand. Even a helmet that’s never been used can go bad on the shelf because the materials slowly wear out and renounce their capacity to absorb a shock on a crash.

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 A helmet is worthless after dropping it to the ground

For bicyclists, a helmet is what an airbag is to a car owner. It’s a one-time-only thing. A helmet is important. You can only use them once for their main aim, which is saving your head-on impact.

The outer shell of the helmet is often damaged or at least scratches. The inner shell will be compressed, gripping the force. Once the inner shell is compressed, it is not able to absorb on crash again. That’s why a motorcycle helmet is a one-time item only.

Personal hygiene

The two grounds above are safety reasons not to buy a second-hand helmet. Another justification for not buying a used helmet is the hygiene matter.

No one would want to wear a helmet full of somebody else’s sweat, hairspray, and anger. It’s just not very clean. And yes, there are several ways to clean a bicycle helmet. But this will never fully clean the helmet, it just takes the most threatening bits away.

Bicycle gear is hot, especially on hot days (when a lot of people ride). Hot clothing equals sweating, equals a sludgy helmet.

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