Zak Brown States He’s Open To A New Tattoo Post Norris’ Win In The Miami Circuit

McLaren’s boss, Zak Brown, recently celebrated in a huge way when his team won the finals in Miami. Norris was the one who competed this year and turned up with his first big-boy game win.

Zak Brown States He’s Open To A New Tattoo

Last year, the team played very well, and Norris had his performance up throughout. However, during the race, he misjudged and ended up losing the match, which was a big drawback for the team.

This year, Norris had flashbacks of the season when he was during the race, yet managed to pull through his judgments and win it. Zak Brown has been a tattoo connoisseur and tends to get tattoos whenever the team scores a big one.

This year, the win was dedicated to Gil de Ferran, who unfortunately passed away last year in December. Norris, after the race, thanked everyone for their work and participation in the event.

Brown congratulated the whole team and said, “What a drive. The car was great. I’ve got to thank everyone back at McLaren and here.” Back in 2021, when Daniel was the one leading the team and won the race, Zak got a tattoo of the Monza circuit where the race was won.

This year, after they won the race, Zak is open to getting another tattoo that will commemorate their win and stay with him through the time. He also mentioned that he’s open to ideas related to Miami because the circuit this time was based in Miami and because Miami is like a home country to him, and he’d love to have the map of it imprinted on his body forever.

“Yeah, I don’t mind Miami. It’s kind of my home country, so why not?” is exactly what he said when asked about the tattoo.

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