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Anthony Davis’ New Back Tattoo Is Based On His Career Timeline Drawn By Steve Wiebe

Anthony Davis is a well-known NBA player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers team. Being a basketball player and a pretty damn good one, he also has a series of tattoo scribbles on his body which induce his good and give him the swagger that he has.

Anthony Davis’ New Back Tattoo Meaning

Davis already has a couple of tattoos all over his body, but now he introduced a new one, and this time it’s on his back. Tattoos are generally something that is permanent and is emotionally connected to the person who gets it.

When it comes to Davis, this time he tattooed something that shows his career growth and how he has come down the line. Competitive sports can be difficult, and as the name suggests, there are tons of competition before one can grow and fully establish their name.

Davis’ tattoo is a phrase, “started with a dream,” which details his path to success. That tattoo also includes the NCAA championship trophy from Kentucky’s 2012 and the Larry O’Brien Trophy from the Lakers’ 2020 NBA Finals. In his right thigh, Davis has a tattoo that honors Kobe Bryant, which he got back in 2020 when he died in the helicopter crash.

Back in the year 2011-12, Davis used to play for the university team of the University of Kentucky. Then, in 2012, he got selected by the New Orleans Hornets in the 2012 NBA Draft. He started getting his head in the game and then got tagged as the national college player of the year, which was noted unanimously.

Through the years, Davis performed his best to rise to the top; he is a fan favorite now. His new tattoo is drawn by Steve Wiebe and netizens online are in awe of how beautiful and inspiring the tattoo looks.

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