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Key factors for choosing the perfect online game 

In this material, users will be offered a topic on the criteria for selecting the number of optimal lines of the game to maximize the chances of winning when betting for real currency. For example, suppose you are an advanced online casino player and know what makes the slot game profitable. In that case, you may be interested in playing the 3 patti game online and similar entertainment from the best online clubs. 

The range of slot machines is quite broad, and new ones appear every week. You can find reviews on more than 17000 slot machines on our resource. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is tough for beginners to quickly grasp the gameplay and choose the best slot for betting on the actual currency. 

Rules for choosing the right slot

Choosing the right online casino slot is one of the most important aspects to consider for a successful casino experience. Although many games are available in online casinos, not all are equally suitable for players. So what should you look for when choosing a slot in an online casino?

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is the game’s theme. If a player is interested in a specific type of entertainment, for example, adventure or fantasy, they can find many games that match their taste. However, even if a player finds a game with a suitable theme, it is essential to ensure a high payout. RTP is the ratio between a player’s total amount to a game and the total amount he can win.
  • The second factor worth paying attention to is the bets. It is essential to understand that each slot has different betting limits, and they should be considered to choose a game that fits the player’s budget. For example, a player on a tight budget can choose a slot with lower betting limits to save money and play for a long time. On the contrary, if a player is willing to take risks, they can choose a slot with high betting limits to increase their potential winnings.
  • The third factor to consider is the bonus features that may be available in the game. Many slots have additional features that can help players increase their potential winnings. For example, free spins, bonus rounds, multipliers, different symbols, and others can increase the winnings several times. Therefore, it is worth choosing a slot with additional features to have a better chance of winning.

Selecting the optimal settings for the slot

Beginners and more experienced players should keep in mind a few key features.

  • The total number of activated strips on the reels directly affects the total bet per reel spin. Remember that the game at higher limits automatically reduces the payoff ratio of the slot. For example, a significant win by one strip of 100 on the slot game will give a smaller payment than in a similar situation, but when betting on the simulator with nine lines;
  • In most cases, the payout on the simulator with 243 lines is much lower than with 15 lines. It is because the so-called return cycle is longer; the player’s future income directly depends on this. When betting on the non-pay version of simulators with 243 lines multiplier is much higher than on devices with 9-15.

It should be understood that the payout ratio on slot machines is 1-5 lines substantially higher than on modern simulators. It is because the classic slots were released in the last century. In the prevailing realities, they put a return percentage of up to 90%. However, there are exceptions, including software from well-known providers, where indicators reach 98.9%.

What slot machines to choose for betting

Above, we have already understood that the stated rate of return multilinear simulators is transparent, and the total bet directly depends on the number of activated strips on the reels. Therefore, the beginner’s optimal solution would be to choose slots with the most significant number of strips in 15. Thanks to this approach significantly increase the chances of winning a big win at a relatively small investment. The exceptions are machines in which the Wild symbol. It ensures a recurring role of prize combinations, automatically affecting income rates.

Advantages and disadvantages of slot machines in online casinos

Players are usually guaranteed a thrilling game with a small investment once they have gone to an online casino site. Slots at online casinos guarantee some payouts to their customers, resulting from frequent prize combinations falling out on the reels. It is scarce to have a situation where there was not a single win for a few dozen spins.

When betting in the bonus rounds, gamers automatically receive additional multipliers, which allows you to increase the deposit amount significantly without making money in the account beforehand. Registering at licensed sites is enough to guarantee the most comfortable conditions for themselves. As a rule, a casino permit is issued in Curaçao or Malta.


Each player can independently choose the slot machine he sees fit. No one is ready to give a definite answer about how many strips to activate before betting. It will allow making the right choice only through practice. You can use the unpaid version of the slots, where bets are placed on virtual coins.

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