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18+ Adult Anime Series of All Time You Can’t-Miss (R-Rated)

Explore the must-see adult anime series of all time, an R-rated collection filled with captivating stories and mature themes for 18+ viewers.



10 Best Hot And Sexy Adult Anime Series To Watch In 2023

Adult Anime, anime with its diverse genres and expansive universe, caters to audiences of all age groups. While children revel in the adventures of “Doraemon” and “Pokemon,” the realm of anime is not limited to just child-friendly content.

Over the years, creators have boldly explored complex themes and narratives, often weaving in adult content that addresses intricate issues. This exploration has given birth to a genre specifically tailored for mature audiences, featuring series that delve into more sensual and provocative themes.

In this context, we are excited to present a curated list of top Adult Anime Series, designed to captivate those seeking content with a deeper,


12 Sexy Adult Anime Series

1. Demon King Daimao

best adult anime series

The story is based on a light novel written by Shoutarou Mizuki. The plot revolves around a guy named Akito Sai studying at a magic academy. Soon he realises that he is too overpowered and meant to be a powerful Demon King. 

2. Heaven’s Lost Property

top adult anime series

The anime is an adaptation of the manga. It was written by Suu Minazuki and shows Sakurai Tomoki who since childhood has been having strange dreams. One of his upperclassmen Sugars has some assumptions regarding his dreams but soon everything comes to an end when Sakurai meets an angel.

3. Plunderer

adult anime series to watch

Another adaption of the manga. The series shows a world where every human has a counter on their bodies. These counters go up and down based on people’s lives. Out of all this, a girl named Hina sees her mother counter to go to 0. Right after losing consciousness, his mother asks her to find Fabled Ace, a legendary hero from the past.

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1. ‘Queen’s Blade’

The Adult Anime Series takes place in a medieval era where brutal on-field combat between soldiers determines who will become the princess of the realm. The victor who skillfully outwits all of her adversaries takes the throne and governs the world as she pleases until the next competition is conducted to select the next monarch.

Adult Anime Series

4. ‘Ikkitousen’

At the urging of her mom, she is resolved to establish order between the competing tribes since she possesses the essence of a Chinese commander titled Sun Ce.

5. ‘Love To LIE Angle’

The ecchi cartoon centers on Hanabi Natsuno, a teenage girl who enrolls in the Tachibanakan, a nearby female-only lodging, after spending some time away from Tokyo. Hanabi discovers that she is drawn to girls after coming upon an undressed girl by mistake on her initial day.


6. ‘Scum’s Wish’

The Adult Anime Series centers on the lovely match between Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya, who are concealing their deep-seated fears and sadness beneath a polished public façade.

Best Adult Anime Series

7. ‘Golden Boy’

The program centers on autodidact Kintarou Ooe, who prefers educational experiences over relying solely on books in the academy.

Golden Boy

8. ‘Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory’

Koushi Nagumo’s family falls when he is mercilessly deserted by his dad, and as he has no other place to turn, he eventually passes out on the sidewalks from exhaustion.

Adult Anime Series to Watch 2024

9. ‘High School DxD’

With a tonne of sexually suggestive sequences that mess with audiences’ imaginations, it is perhaps one of the most well-known ecchi animations ever produced.

10. ‘The Future Diary’

The Adult Anime Series is intriguing since it also includes a variety of sensual sequences in addition to its convoluted and perplexing finish. The semi-naked and fully-naked sequences in this anime, unlike certain harem or ecchi animated films, simply enhance the whole experience and render the story much more interesting.

Top Adult Anime Series 2024

11. ‘Green Green’

Although there are no overt sex scenes in the Adult Anime Series, there are plenty of sensual sequences that lovers of sexual animation will undoubtedly appreciate.

Adult Anime Series HD

12. ‘Highschool of the Dead’

In “High School of the Dead,” murder and mayhem are described as they occur when a monster plague attacks an unsuspecting society. Humanity faces an imminent peril, but people have started to take action to protect the planet from extinction.


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