Abhishekh Khan explains how working with Rajat Kapoor was incredibly easy: He treated me like his son

Actor Abhishekh Khan, known for his role in the series ‘Lootere’, opened up about his experience working with Rajat Kapoor. Abhishekh praised Rajat for being easy to work with and treating him like family while on set.

Abhishekh plays the character of Mudit Jain in the series, showcasing wit and compassion for his crewmates. He described working with Rajat as a flexible and enjoyable experience, filled with discussions about good cinema and meaningful topics.

The duo often talked about Rajat’s film ‘Mithya’, with Abhishekh expressing his admiration for the movie. Despite his initial shyness, Abhishekh found the set environment lively and welcoming thanks to Rajat, making it one of his best experiences as an actor.

‘Lootere’ can be streamed on Disney+ Hotstar, offering viewers a chance to see Abhishekh and Rajat’s dynamic on-screen chemistry. Working with Rajat Kapoor has truly been a memorable and rewarding experience for Abhishekh Khan, as he continues to receive praise for his role in the series.


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