Russian Influencer Dinara Claims Delhi Airport’s Passport Officer Asked For Her Number On Boarding Pass, Story Goes Viral

Famous Russian content creator Dinara recently posted a video claiming that a passport control officer at Delhi airport asked for her number. The video is currently dominating the internet.

She has around 7000 followers on her Instagram handle. She often travels to foreign locations and is well-known for her love for India.

Coming back to the viral clip, Dinara stated that a control officer wrote down his phone number on her boarding pass and asked her to give him a ring the next time she visits India. She ask her followers whether his behaviour is appropriate or not.

WATCH Russian Influencer Dinara’s Viral Video

In the video, she said,

“A passport control officer has written down his phone number on my ticket and told me that the next time I come to India, ‘contact me.’ Arey yaar, what is this behavior, huh? Was this behavior appropriate?”

The caption of the video reads,

“I’m shocked. Are you serious? The passport control officer at Delhi Airport wanted me to call him.”

Her video has received mixed reactions from netizens, with many calling out the passport officer for his unethical behavior. O

ne user says,

“It’s inappropriate. The officer on duty should not behave like this for his own reasons. Very unethical. Sorry, you have to go through this.”

While another wrote,

“This is not appropriate behavior, and proper legal action shall be taken against him. We apologize for his behavior.”

Meanwhile, some defended the officer, stating he must have done so out of courtesy and was trying to keep it polite.

One user wrote,

“Maybe he is trying to be courteous for any future help…ever.”

In the past, there have been many instances where foreigners had to experience overt teasing while traveling in India.

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