Kick Streamer N3on Banned Following Involvement in Hit-and-Run Incident During Live Stream

Famous Kick streamer N3on was recently banned from Kick, a streaming platform. The platform’s decision came after he was involved in a hit-and-run case a few days ago.

He was live streaming with fellow streamer Squeeze Benz in a Lamborghini driving in busy New York traffic. Things took a drastic turn when their car crashed into another vehicle.

They soon left the scene while N3on repeatedly asked to be dropped off.

Many are not aware that Squeeze Benz is a street racing content creator best known for performing dangerous stunts and engaging in unusual activities in New York.

Later, he posted such activities with a censored face on his social media handles, especially on TikTok.

Streamer N3on Faces Ban from Kick After Hit-and-Run Incident Caught on Live Stream

Earlier in one of their streams, he and his friends assured N3on that there would be no reckless driving and they didn’t want to be seen as a “brand risk.” N3on clearly mentioned that streaming reckless driving could result in a breach of Kick’s terms and conditions.

“We’re just going to go on a little ride along with the other BMWs, give you a little taste of the New York car culture. If things get crazy, you just stay stop and we pull over right there. We don’t want to be a brand risk, we want to look good, we want to work with you in the future, and we want to work with everybody else, so we’re not trying to look risky or look like criminals.”

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As soon as the live streaming ended, N3on’s account on Kick was shut down. His official page showed a 404 error but was later restored. Last month, in March also, his Kick channel was temporarily banned, but the reason behind it was never disclosed.

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