Former Russian Spy Aliia Roza Breaks Silence on Her Life as a Seduction Agent in New Podcast

Aliia Roza, an ex-spy and Russian agent, recently made global headlines when she broke her silence about her role as a seduction agent for the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) during a new podcast, “To Die For.”

Aliia Roza is the first Russian to publicly discuss training as a “seduction agent” in the Russian spy service.

In her latest podcast, she talks about the training methods and missions targeting her.

She stated,

“It’s been over two decades that I’ve stayed silent. But for several reasons, I couldn’t keep my silence. I couldn’t live with this pain anymore, even though I’ve been through all this trauma. … If it wasn’t me [speaking out], then who would speak out?”

Aliia Roza, an Ex-Russian spy talks about her life in a podcast 

Aliia Roza further added that she had to flee Moscow with her son, hoping for a better life away from spy culture.

“The biggest achievement of my life is becoming a parent. I wanted to experience that. I wanted to create a family. I wanted to have kids. And I was not allowed to do that. And then I realized, ‘Wait a minute. I live only one life. I don’t want to spend my life sacrificing for something I don’t believe in anymore.’ That was the moment when I looked for possibilities to escape,”

she explained.

Born to a Kazakh-Tatar family, her father was a high-ranking military officer in the Soviet Union. Because of this, she was part of a special government program for children of high-ranking officers.

Initially, she wanted to pursue a career in fashion design, but her father, who worked as a high-ranking officer for 45 years, said she had no other choice but to attend the special government program.

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