America Recycles Day 2021 Theme, History, Significance, Ideas, Pledge, and Some informative Quotes

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To recognize the importance of recycling, every year 15th November is observed as America Recycles Day in the United States of America. America Recycles Day aims to raise information about the impact of recycling and about the use of recyclable products for the protection of the Environment and to create awareness several awareness programs are organized throughout the country. Let us tell you, because of the efforts of recycling communities and businesses, the Recycling Rate, which was only 6% in 1960, has turned into 32%. The Recycling Industry has also become a major job sector for the jobless. The sector is responsible for 681,000 Jobs in the United States.

America Recycles Day 2021 Theme

National Recycling Coalition has announced the theme of America Recycles Day 2021. The Theme is “I Want to Be Recycled”.

History, and Significance

America Recycling Day was the idea of ​​Kevin Tuerf and Valerie Davis, two employees of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Prior to this, America Recycling Day was known as Texas Recycling Day, beginning in 1994. Kevin and Valerie quit their jobs and continue to change Texas Recycling Day to America Recycling Day. Their aim was to promote recycling across the country through a six-week awareness campaign. They require a date to promote recycling that was set off from other global environmental awareness days, so November 15 was chosen.

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Activities Ideas to observe America Recycles Day

  • Share Recycling Information with your Friends, and Relatives through different social media platforms.
  • If you’re a teacher, take a pledge to recycle and have students do the same.
  • Share information quotes with hashtags – #BeRecycled and #AmericaRecyclesDay.
  • Organize a Zoom Meeting, and discuss what should be done to improve America’s Recycling Rate.
  • Discuss Importance and Benefits of Recycling in the Zoom Meeting.

Benefits of Recycling

Recycling Saves the Earth – Recycling a product can facilitate preserving the environment. For example, recycling paper can produce paper without cutting down more trees.

Cycling Saves Energy – Recycling a product requires less energy than manufacturing an article from raw materials.

Recycling helps in reducing global warming and pollution – One of the main benefits of recycling is energy saving. Energy-saving results in the reduced release of carbon or greenhouse gases, a by-product produced by energy production, which, when released into the atmosphere, is harmful to the environment.

Recycling helps save money – recycled articles usually cost less. By using older materials and far less energy, recycled products can be sold for a much smaller amount than items made using raw materials.

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My (organization/school/family etc) pledges to work together with EPA and the other America Recycles Pledge signatories to build on our existing efforts to address the challenges facing our nation’s recycling system and to identify solutions that create a more resilient materials economy and protect the environment. My submission of this form indicates the interest and willingness of my organization to participate in an ongoing dialogue to identify specific actions that we can take collectively with EPA and the other signatories, and within our respective organization, to improve the nation’s recycling system.


Some informative Quotes to share on Social Media on America Recycles Day

  • Recycling more plastics can help local businesses and expand jobs while supporting the goals of sustainability. – Kevin de Leon.
  • A Smart City cannot be imagined without proper recycling. – Rajnath Singh.
  • I’m adamant about recycling in my house, and I’m always making sure to turn off the lights. – Matt Lanter.
  • It’s like recycling: selling old clothes to help make new ones. – Erin O’Conner.
  • There’s a recycling mentality about my work. – Wangechi Mutu.

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