Anupam Mittal Net Worth In Rupees (2023): founder’s Wealth, and Luxurious Lifestyle

Anupam Mittal is a successful businessman and is known for his association with the matrimonial website He is also respected as a shark after his continuous presence last two seasons of the ‘Shark Tank India’ and has made several successful investments in many companies. If you want to know Anupam Mittal net worth in rupees, family details, and educational background continue reading this article. Here we will also acquaint our viewers with many unknown facts about the young shark and businessman Anupam Mittal. 

Anupam Mittal Early Life and Family Background

Born on December 23, 1971, to a Marwari family in Mumbai, then Bombay, Maharashtra to Gopal Mittal and Bhagwati Mittal, he went on to become a young shark investing in numerous startups. He has an uncanny ability to invest in the right setup and often the fortunes of the company zoomed. He has two sisters Shilpa Mittal and Vandana Mittal.

Anupam had a keen acumen for business and this was further strengthened when he worked in his father’s factory.

He was in a relationship with Ms Anchal Kumar and after a long period of affair, he married her on July 4 2003. The couple is blessed with a daughter named Alyssa Mittal.

Anupam Mittal Wife
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Anupam Mittal owns a fleet of luxury cars, including the Lamborghini Huracan, Audi S5, and Mercedes Benz S-Class. 

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After his initial studies in India he moved abroad where he further obtained education at the world-famous Boston College, United States, with an MBA in Operating and Strategic Management.

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Anupam Mittal’s Businesses Anupam Mittal
Image Courtesy: BusinessToday, the matrimonial site is his brainchild and he also created the media house, Mobango, and an app that is used to create short clips, the Mauj Mobile. He also dabbles in real estate with his app.

Anupam figures in the top 50 Indians as per the list published in the well-known American weekly, BusinessWeek. He also bagged the Outstanding Serial Entrepreneur and the Angel Investor from TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), the Hall Of Fame Awards 2020.

Anupam Mittal Net Worth In Rupees (2023)

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Anupam Mittal net worth in Rupees is believed to be to the tune of ₹185 Crores as per the top men’s magazine of India, GQ. As already mentioned he is one of the most active green horn sharks and has invested in a number of companies besides startups. 

In a series on young investors, Shark Tank India he revealed that he has invested in many Indian startups. He chooses his companies with care and most of the companies were tech companies. Among the many companies in which the young shark had invested include Ola, BigBasket, Rapido Rupeek and Little eye labs.

Anupam Mittal –, a turning point Founder Anupam Mittal

The big crash in Internet commerce forced Anupam Mittal to return to India after the enterprises he hosted also faced crippling losses. Mittal was always enamored by the internet business and in the 1990’s he set up his own internet commerce house in a very modest way with a workforce of 10 people.

He started which was formerly known as in 1997. Shaadi .com sounded more complete than and therefore the name was changed. The Indian subcontinent and the countries around it were its realms of operation. It offers services worldwide and as per Business Today and ranks in the top 10 in the sector. 

Taking more on, Anupam Mittal established the People Group in 2001. It is the parent company that now owns and a string of other businesses like and Mauj Mobile. which dabbles in real estate was set up in 2007.

NameAnupam Mittal
Birth Place:Mumbai
DOB:23 December 1971
Age:51 (June 2023)
Anupam Mittal Net Worth In Rupees (2023)$23M (₹185 Crores)
Monthly Remuneration$1,50,000+
Yearly Remuneration$2 Million+

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