Mansa Musa Net Worth Today – The Richest Man in History

Mansa Musa was an African ruler from the 1300s and is regarded as the richest man ever lived on the planet. In that era, he was the first billionaire. Because of his lavish lifestyle, he got his nickname i.e. ‘King of Kings’. As the saying goes you can’t buy happiness but this guy sure knows how to buy happiness. You will agree with the fact that People tend to remember those who are rich.

In those times, rich men love to brag about their wealth and show off. Mansa left no stone unturned when it comes to living a life filled with all the luxuries of the world. 

Who was Mansa Musa?

Mansa Musa Net Worth Today

Mansa Musa was born in 1280 C.E. and ruled the kingdom of Mali from 1312 C.E. to to 1337 C.E. His father was Faga Leye while his mother’s name is unknown. He remained king for 25 years and under his authority, the Mali empire witnessed a lot of development and expanded significantly. The present places like Mali, Faso, Senegal, Burkina, Niger, Guinea, and Ivory Coast were all under his reign.

Most of his facts were derived from Arabic sources that were written after the hajj and writings from Ibn Khaldun and Al-Umari. During his trip to Cairo, he made friends with officials including Ibn Amir Hajib who passed information about him to other historians such as Al-Umari. Two manuscripts were written in Timbuktu from the 17th century i.e Tarikh al-Sudan and Tarikh Ibn al-Mukhtar contains information about him. 

Mansa Musa Wife

As per the Tarikh al-Fattash, he was married too Inari Konte. 

Mansa Musa Net Worth (2023)

Mansa Musa Net Worth (2023)
Image Courtesy: Péter Kovács/Artstation

As per reports, if he was alive today Mansa Musa net worth would stand at $400 billion.

In today’s world, even the net worth of the richest man of current times will be far less as compared to Mansa Musa’s wealth.

During his time, Mansa Musa made massive quantities of gold and salt that contributed to his net worth. Additionally, ivory and slavery were quite common and helped him increase his wealth. Later the King even recruited prominent scholars like Abu Ishaq al-Sahili, an Andalusian poet and a well-known figure in the Muslim world. He was invited to travel to his kingdom and make Timbuktu and Mali the center of Muslim learning.

During his reign, Mansa Musa went on to make many madrassas, mosques as well as other educational institutions and universities. Djinguereber Mosque situated in Timbuktu is one of his popular construction projects. Because of his wealth and power over the kingdom, his time as the King of Mali is often regarded as the golden age of that time.

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Mansa Musa Cause of Death

Mansa Musa Cause of Death
Image Courtesy: Indiatimes

The exact cause of Mansa Musa’s death is not known with certainty, as it occurred in the 14th century and reliable historical records from that time are limited.

According to historical accounts, Mansa Musa died in 1337 C.E. It is believed that he died in the city of Niani, the capital of the Mali Empire, which is now located in present-day Mali. However, the specific cause of his death remains uncertain.

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