AR games to play on iPhones

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AR or Augmented Reality is one of the latest trends in the world of gaming, amongst online casino and improved mobile gaming. Whether you want to walk with dinosaurs or drive a tank, you must choose your game wisely in the AR gaming world. With so many options to play on an iPhone, it means everyone will find their perfect game to suit their liking.

Unlike the 2D snakes and tertius we all grew up playing, now you can play much more interactive games through AR. Augmented Reality uses the advanced technology we carry in our phones to create a truly immersive gaming experience. The games are multisensory and are often based on real world environments. This technology truly takes mobile gaming to a whole new level!

14 AR games to play on your iPhone


You’ve probably wondered what it’d be like to walk alongside dinosaurs. Now you can find out! DinoTrek VR allows you to get up close and personal with the prehistoric action. The game features dinosaurs that roam and fight each other, and sometimes, you can just relax and enjoy the sun. This app is great for kids and doesn’t require a headset. It even includes a T-Rex.


Orbulus shows that VR can transform not only video, but also still images. You can explore the app’s virtual world, which allows you to stand on Mars, climb Glastonbury Tor, see fireworks at Hong Kong harbor, and many other things.


WAA! You can play the role of a cute little spaceman who must destroy all asteroids. Focus control is used to launch homing missiles. It works well in general. Additionally, you can collect screws, wrenches and batteries that improve your aim, adjust gravity, and restore shields.

VR Tank Training

VR Tank Training simulates the feeling of controlling a cannon on wheels using a graphic mesh-blending technique. You aim to destroy as many targets as possible while manoeuvring your tank to the next checkpoint. You can also compete for the top spot on an in-game leaderboard.


You are taken into a haunted house by a ghost story told in first person. The Victorian-era room is your only companion. There are a few ominous dolls by the fireplace, and there are sinister sounds echoing in the hallway. Sisters is a creepy horror story with many events that are triggered by interactions with objects in the house.

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A Chair in a Room

This is how horror experiences should be. The room is dark and dim, and you have no idea where you are or how you got there. The lights start to flicker and falter, and you begin to feel the terror in your surroundings. Although interaction is limited, it’s a great example of VR’s potential for horror.

War of Words

This animated reading of Siegfried Sassoon’s poem “The Kiss” has been nominated for a BAFTA and shows the possibilities of virtual reality’s storytelling capabilities. The Kiss was written right before the Battle of the Somme, where more poets and writers fought than any other conflict in history. This was while Sassoon was undergoing an army-training course. War of Words, narrated by Michael Sheen, was created in partnership with BBC Arts and is short but poignant and beautifully captures the controversial, battling spirit of the original.

Cartoon Village

Cartoon Village takes you to a colorful medieval cartoon settlement, where you can explore every nook and corner. You can change the seasons and day to alter the way the environment affects its inhabitants and the natural surroundings. You can also download it as wallpaper for Android. It can also run in Daydream mode on Android devices running Android 4.2 and higher. Cartoon Village is the most adorable CG-rendered virtual reality app.


Within is a production company that specialises in live-action VR filmmaking. This app allows you to explore their collection of high-quality 360 videos right from your phone. The collaborations with The New York Times, Vice, Saturday Night Live, and the UN ensure that the medium’s potential is explored thoroughly. Within collaborated with U2 for their song “Song for Someone”, so viewers could enjoy Bono’s living room.


Jaunt, another production company, aims to transport viewers into story-driven universes using their mobile devices. Jaunt covers many scenarios, including a virtual Nepalese adventure, a seat at a Paul McCartney concert, and a trip to North Korea during military celebrations. You can also be sent into film with them, such as the 360-degree fashion photoshoot (Ben Stiller), in Zoolander 2.

Stitchers VR

Based on the TV drama Stitchers, this app was created. By transporting yourself to the memories of the victim, you can investigate crimes. You can choose the crime scene and find clues about the last moments of the victim. Then, you can use observation and logic to catch the criminal. If you don’t have a VR viewer, you can still explore the crime scene.

Google Cardboard

This app is recommended for those who have just purchased a Google Cardboard headset. The ‘Explore section offers guided tours of major cities across the globe, while the section ‘Exhibit’ allows you to view museum collections in 3D. You can even have a fun stereoscopic version of a classic kaleidoscope.

Go Show

This app allows you to enjoy your movie collection on the big screen as the filmmakers intended. Simply put, Go Show lets you view your 2D and/or 3D movies on a virtual cinema screen. The app will render the video in split-screen mode if the video is saved in MP4 format.

Volvo Reality

This trio of videos allows you to drive the XC90 SUV car. R/GA and Framestore from VFX-studio collaborated to make this video. The trip is truly worth it for the amazing sights and sounds you will encounter along the way, as well as the breathtaking mountainous scenery.

With so many games to choose from including movies, series, tanks, walking with dinosaurs and more; mobile gamers are spoiled for choice. Get your AR equipment ready and start playing your favourite AR games on your iPhone today.  

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