Here’s What The Famous TikTok Terms, “jittleyang” and “fuhuhluhtoogan” Mean

jittleyang- TikTok can never be a boring place, especially when we have creators from all over the world showcasing their talents. Sometimes, people even get to see content that might not be based on what they liked, or even in the language they understand, but they just get to see it because of the “For You” page.

“jittleyang” and “fuhuhluhtoogan” Meaning

In Baltimore, the terms “jittleyang” and “fuhuhluhtoogan” have become very famous. The origin of these terms came from a rapper in Baltimore named Richard Webster. Now, it’s a very funny situation because Webster has his dictionary where he describes these terms.

And it’s even more hilarious because it’s not the same Webster dictionary you may think or know of. “Jikkuhlang the Dictionary” is the name of the dictionary where the meanings of the words are present. “Jittleyang” is just needing attention, and “yang” means a funny suffix to the word.

So, “jittleyang” is just grabbing and wanting attention from people or followers. The other word, “fuhuhluhtoogan,” might just be towards a bedroom-related meaning. The exact meaning behind the term is not in the dictionary, and it has not been made public either. But it does mean something which can imply a double entendre.

People on the internet are fawning over the two terms. These are funny, and they are also using these to be pop cultural icons and spread the word about the same online. Richard made a rap about “City Girl,” That too, back in 2022, with social media and the capability of things going viral, the rap is getting traction now.

People are signing the terms left and right in their videos, comments, captions, and more. People all over the world are now aware of the two terms she included in her rap, which is now a very famous way to address things to throw in during a conversation.

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