OnlyFans Creator Scarlet Vas Who Makes Content With Her Step Brother Turned Husband, Reveals How Much She Makes A Month

Scarlet Vas, who used to play the role of Mishti Sharma, has now made it to the headlines because of her unconventional career and personal life choices. So basically, she used to be a normal actress, and then she had a career change and started posting more and more on the adult platform, OnlyFans.

Scarlet Vas Reveals How Much She Makes A Month

On OnlyFans, Scarlet Vas can charge a substantial amount of fee from her subscribers, and with each like or interaction from her content, she will also earn money from that. She has revealed to the Mirror that during the first few months, she did not make that much through her OnlyFans.

But currently, she is making well over $200k a month, and she currently revealed she hit way more than that as well. Now, when it comes to her private life, she married her stepbrother, Tayo. “I’m in the 0.01 percent, like the lowest you can go on OF. But every month’s been getting better. Like last month was my best month. I hit almost $200k and then this month I’m going to do well over $200k,” she said.

Tayo has also been a well-known name on OnlyFans because of his sports and channel, but now the two are collaborating to create content online which leads him to fame. Their complicated relationship has drawn out many controversies online and in scandal too.

They knew each other for a very long time, and after that, they decided to get married to each other. So after their collaboration started and their marriage happened only a year back, the two started making content together.

“I mean the fans love us as like a thing or not a thing. He’s my stepbrother and Australian and we’ve known each other for a very long time,” Scarlet Vas mentioned. Through their content and fan engagement, they started learning more through the unconventional career option.

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