Top 3 Benefits Of Increasing Your Instagram Followers

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Aside from the fascination of having your account and everything in it be trending on social media, there are numerous benefits to increasing your IG followers. For how to get Instagram followers, learn about why there’s such a hullabaloo about growing your account, and why you should try it, too.

Why You Should Increase Your IG Followers

1. It’s Profitable

Many wonder how social media influencers make money out of their accounts. This “new” non-traditional channel of earning without the need for what’s deemed as conventional “hard work” (hello, 9 to 5 clocking in and out of an office, etc.) is definitely nowhere near ordinary.

When Instagram accounts reach heights in terms of followers and responses, they become much more attractive to advertisers. After all, advertising is the lifeblood of social media (and really, of all ventures that endeavor to raise returns).

How does it work? When an account and/or influencer fits perfectly into the demographic of an advertiser’s target market, alongside the demographic of the type of business an advertiser is promoting, that’s your green light right there.

You may be asked to promote their products and/or services owing to the fact that your followers are an immediate pool of potential responsive customers. Emphasis on the word “responsive” (bot-generated faux followers and comments— not allowed).

Having said that, depending on your account’s degree of influence, you may even be asked to sign a contract for products and/or services that are nowhere near being related to your account’s branding and/or business!

2. More Followers Invites More Clients

Business accounts on Instagram will have a tough time competing with the hundreds of thousands of other entrepreneurs on the said social media platform. Add to that, trying to grab the attention of millions of IG users who are already following hundreds more, if not thousands, of influencers and businesses, as well.

But gaining a good following will prove advantageous because this directly equates to having a larger audience take the front row seats to find out about your business, your product/s, and your services.

Think of it as free advertising. Granted, paid advertisements unquestionably have their edge. Still, don’t look down on utilising your IG followers as leverage for your enterprise. To tell you the truth, that’s one of the methods influencers gain even more popularity and visibility for their brand.

3. Credibility Plus More Clicks

Accounts that have a mass-following (and that those followers are legitimate and are not bot-created) will have a tidal-wave effect on your brand image’s credibility. When other users, potential business partners and investors, and potential customers discover that you’ve amassed followers (and in this context, brand supporters), that will lead to brand building and strengthening.

Besides this, linking your business website to a remarkably burgeoning IG account is a method for scaling up “clicks”. Traffic on your social media profile may translate to traffic on your official website. More traffic equates to more clicks, and more clicks equate to higher chances of conversion. 

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