Benefits of Wearing Kanakapushyaragam Gemstone

Kanakapushparagam stone is a famed stone in astrology. Known as yellow sapphire in English, the other names of this stone are Push Raja (Sanskrit), Pukhraaj (Hindi), Pushparagam (Tamil), Pushyarag or Peetmani (some local dialects). Endowed with some amazing astrological powers, a lot of astrologers recommend this stone for their clients.

Kanakapushparagam and Jupiter

Among the nine plants in astrology, Kanakapushparagam is attributed to planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the most influential planet in every person’s horoscope. Jupiter signifies happiness, wisdom, fortune, luck and fortune. A yellow sapphire helps attract the powers of Jupiter for the benefit of the wearer.

Who can wear Kanakapushparagam?

Though yellow sapphire is highly beneficial to all people, this stone is highly recommended for women and especially for girls awaiting marriage. Scriptures say by wearing a yellow sapphire, a girl finds her dream partner. Wearing this stone helps capture the coercive power of planer Jupiter to benefit the life of the wearer.

Why wear Kanakapushparagam?

Yellow sapphire dispels all kinds of negativity from the lives of the wearer. Girls who find their marriages getting delayed can depend on this stone for early marriage. They will get the perfect marriage partner for a happy marriage.

Kanakapushparagam for marital bliss

Married women wear this rare gemstone for marital bliss and prevent disharmony and conflicts in their married life. Those married women facing unstable married life and frequent troubles with their married partner can wear this stone to overcome these problems.

Kanakapushparagam for pregnant women

By wearing this gemstone, pregnant women can hope to enjoy a safe delivery and also avoid miscarriages.

Important guidelines on wearing Kanakapushparagam

For best results, buy only authentic yellow sapphire only from genuine suppliers. Natural Kanakapushparagam that is certified by experts is the best choice. You can wear this stone in a ring, necklace or pendant.

The best gemstone for teachers and students

Yellow sapphire is known to bestow clarity of thought and enhance focus. By wearing this gemstone, your metal and intellectual abilities are sharpened and fine-tuned. Students and those involved in intellectual professions like teaching and training can immensely benefit from this stone.

Legal and religious professionals

Jupiter is the ruler over the realms of justice and law. Therefore those in legal profession like lawyers and judges can benefit from wearing this stone. Also those in the fields of religious or spiritual teaching and healing can benefit from this stone.

Helps beat pessimism

Kanakapushparagam is a ‘feel good’ gemstone. This stone is advised for those individuals who are depressed, melancholic and overpowered by suicidal and other negative thoughts. The stone helps promote a positive outlook in life and enhance the hope and confidence of the individual.

Suitable for Pisces and Sagittarius

The zodiac signs Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter. Hence the natives of Pisces and Sagittarius can find this stone highly beneficial in getting the best from their ruling planet.

Healing powers of Kanakapushparagam

Yellow sapphire heals ailments related to stomach, digestive system and jaundice. Wearing this gemstone can help prevent jaundice and also strengthen the liver by regulating bile secretion.

Astrological benefit

Those individuals with Jupiter as their beneficiary in the horoscope can get relieved from the negative effects of Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha.

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