Meaning of Dream About Being Kidnapped

Explore the meanings behind dream about being kidnapped: insecurity, warnings, and the subconscious reflecting fears. Decode your dreams today.

We dream about many things in our life, and it can be both pleasant and unpleasant. We often don’t remember many dreams, but some dreams rattle us, and one such vision is a dream about being kidnapped. Such dreams trouble us, and often we are left to deliberate the meaning of such dreams. It would seem that we don’t have control of our destiny, and it seems someone else or situations are in control of our life. However, this is not true, and our destiny is in our hands and depends upon our deeds and karma.

Today we will delve a little deeper into a specific vision that is seen by thousands of people each day, which is the ‘Dream about being Kidnapped’ and will explore its meaning-

If a person dream about being kidnapped against their will, it is an indication that the person is feeling very insecure. This fear may be precipitated by some deep-embedded fear of something that the person has encountered in their life. It is also possible that the person has forgotten the incident or is not aware of it. Dreams are often manifestations of some feeling or happenings that have been embedded deep in the subconscious. It could be possible that the person has been in a vulnerable situation and is powerless when exploited by another person.

It must be remembered that an unpleasant dream about being kidnapped does not always lead to an unhappy experience. It must also be seen as a warning and divine intervention that is asking the person to become alert and extra careful. It could also be a warning to get out of an unpleasant relationship or some business association which could lead to loss.

Seeing Another Person Kidnapped in a Dream

Seeing Another Person Kidnapped in a Dream

Seeing another person being kidnapped in a dream means the person is worried about the safety of someone very dear. The dream is a sign that you are worried about the person’s safety. It could also mean that the person is facing such a situation due to some of your past deeds, and unless you take suitable measures, his or her safety will be compromised. At times such dreams are also an acknowledgment that you are powerless to protect the person, especially if he or she is a minor.

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Son Being Kidnapped

If you have just dreamed of a kidnapping and it involves your son, it indicates that you are feeling very insecure about something in your life right now. You may be worried that someone you love is doing or saying something that makes you question their judgment. It can also be the result of real-life stress from your child’s teachers or other people in authority.

Every person loves his family, especially his son and daughter. Seeing your son kidnapped is one of the worst nightmares, especially if the dream is recurring. Again, it is a sign of a deep underlying fear of losing your son or daughter. In such a situation, it is imperative to pause and check if you are giving sufficient space and privacy to your kids, especially if they are adolescents. It does not mean losing sight of them but checking out their affairs without undue interference. The same can be said if a person dreams his daughter is kidnapped. Again, it represents a deep-down fear of losing her to someone else.

Getting Kidnapped And Escaping

Getting Kidnapped And Escaping

Often it is said that dreams are the manifestation of our inner desires that are long suppressed. If you see that you are being kidnapped and escaping, it is a sign that you have been long overdue to give yourself a break and spend time for yourself. It could also mean that you are entangled in a hopeless relationship that is suffocating you. The dream is an indication that you want to break free and live your life as per your likes and desires.

Dream About Being Kidnapped by a Stranger

If you see a dream about being kidnapped by a stranger, then it can be interpreted as a lack of control over your life and events. It could also mean that your life is plagued by unnecessary interference by people. It could also mean that you are being used as a tool and exploited by others. It could also mean that people are butting into your life and you cannot control or prevent it. However, the situation can be brought into control by using your head, rule over your heart. Adopt a give-and-take policy and don’t allow relationships to invade your privacy and personal space. Draw a clear line between privacy and how much allowance you will allow others to get involved in your life.

Many psychologists believe that a dream about being kidnapped can be an expression of fear, anxiety, and insecurity. In many cases, the person who has this nightmare is worried about his or her safety in some way or another. It can also show a need for control over one’s life and a strong desire to protect oneself from future harm.


  1. Why do we often dream about being kidnapped?

    Dreams of being kidnapped can indicate feelings of insecurity, potentially triggered by deep-embedded fears or past experiences. These dreams may serve as warnings or divine interventions prompting individuals to be alert and cautious.

  2. What does it mean if someone dreams of another person being kidnapped?

    Dreaming of someone else being kidnapped may signify concerns about the safety of a dear person. It could also suggest that the person is facing a challenging situation due to past actions, and protective measures might be necessary.

  3. Why might a person dream about their son being kidnapped?

    Dreaming about one’s son being kidnapped could indicate feelings of insecurity, possibly tied to concerns about the son’s actions or influences from external sources, such as teachers or authority figures.

  4. What does it signify if someone dreams about escaping a kidnapping?

    Dreaming about being kidnapped and then escaping might symbolize a long-overdue need to take a break and prioritize self-care. It could also suggest a desire to break free from suffocating relationships or situations.

  5. Can dreams of being kidnapped be an expression of inner fears and insecurities?

    Yes, psychologists often believe that dreams of being kidnapped can express fear, anxiety, and a sense of insecurity. Such dreams may indicate a need for control over one’s life and a strong desire to protect oneself from potential harm.

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