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10 Ruks Khandagale Webseries on Ullu (18+ Only)

Explore 8 exclusive Ruks Khandagale web series on Ullu for 2024, each featuring daring content and narratives for adults only.

Ruks Khandagale Web Series – The famous actress predominately works with the Ullu app and appears in most of their erotic web series. Her seductive performance has garnered quite a fanbase in India. Listed below are some of the best Ruks Khandagale Web Series to watch this weekend. 

Top Ruks Khandagale Web Series

1. Samne Wali Khidki

Ruks Khandagale
Cast:Aayushi Jaiswal
Ruks Khandagale
Karan Mehra
Crew:Director: Yogesh Ojha

The web series is based on Ashish going through heartbreak after his love cheated on him. He thinks he is not made for love and just going with the flow. Soon the girl enters her life. A new tenant across his house named Anita. Instantly they fell in love Soon the drama unfolds leaving him with a scar deeper than the earlier one.

2. Samne Wali Khidki – Part 2

Ruks Khandagale Web Series
Cast:Aayushi Jaiswal
Ruks Khandagale
Karan Mehra
Crew:Director: soon update

Part 2 has the same storyline as Part 1. In season 2 Ashish is in dilemma, confused about whether he should invest emotionally into the relationship or just keep it casual. The series explores various shades of their relationship. Watch the series on the ullu app to know what happens next. 

3. Dhanno Doodhwali

Dhanno Doodhwali
Cast:Bharti Jha
Ruks Khandagale
Gaurav Bajpai
Crew:Director: SSK

The web series is quite bold and explicit. It explores same-sex relationships in Indian society. It shows a sweet girl in a village selling milk to locals. She has a farm where cows are kept and milk is sold to customers. One day another girl comes to her to buy milk but the small encounter leaves much more impact on each other. Soon they start sleeping with each other and the new love blossom under the shadows. 

4. Ishqiyapa

Cast:Ruks Khandagale
Amit Pachori
Shivangi Roy
Crew:Director: Sumit Sagar

The web series is about a sexual relationship between a student and his teacher. It shows a teacher falling for her students while the student loves her younger sister. In the meantime, the younger sister loves the student’s elder brother. Watch the series on the ullu app to know what happens next. Will all of them get what they want or will have scars for life?

5. Takk

Cast:Hemant Choudhary
Shobhita Srivastava
Ruks Khandagale
Crew:Director: Roy

One of the most popular web series on the ullu app that explores the casanova life of a gym trainer. He works in a girl where a lot of girls and married ladies comes to work out. What he does is start a casual relationship with most of them. Soon he got into something that can have serious repercussions. 

6. Devadasi

The lives of people in a village are at the heart of the narrative. There are certain events that drastically change the girls’ dreams. They experience several upsetting incidents that rob them of their affection. The question of whether the girls can rediscover their joy and live happy lives again arises.

Cast:Sejal Shah
Simran Kapoor
Ajay Bafna
Crew:Director: soon update

7. Game

The happy coupleis what the story is all about. However, when they decide to try something new, their lives take a dramatic change. Their lives are profoundly and permanently affected by this choice. It is unclear whether they will be able to mend fences and mend their relationship or if this incident will be the end of their adventure together.

Noel Sean
Srikanth Iyengar
Crew:Director: Ganga Sanampudi

8. Palang Tod Double Dhamaka

Cast:Rajsi Verma
Rukmani Khandagale
Sagar Bhatt
Crew:Director: Sameer Salim Khan

Two women in the young man’s life are essential to the narrative. The dynamics of their relationship change as he grows romantic feelings for the young girl. He struggles to decide who to choose as love takes hold. It is uncertain if everyone affected will ultimately find the love they want.

9. Sabse Bada Rupaya

As the name suggests, the story revolves around a married couple who are struggling financially so they decide to use methods to sustain their livelihood. 

OTT Platform Kangan Originals 
Cast Bharti Jha, Payal Patil and Ajay Nayak

10. Revenge

Jay has suspicions about his uncle. He believes he has some hidden motives towards his wife Riya. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

OTT Platform ULLU Originals 
Cast Kalyani Jha, Yogi Raj and Ruks Khandagale

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