Best Spotify Music Converter and Downloader 2021-DRmare Software

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A couple of months ago, I was striving to get my favorite playlist downloaded on my android devices. Like everyone else, I am also addicted to music, and Spotify has always served me the best. But a problem I was constantly facing was downloading my favorite files. Spotify has a copyright restriction strategy. However, you can listen to your saved playlist even when you are offline. But you can’t add that playlist to the local drive of your phone or any other device. So I was searching for random Spotify Music Converters that can easily download and convert my favorite music. Finally, I came up with a Drmare Spotify Music Converter after the suggestion of one of my friends. It has provided me the freedom to save music files on my android and even share good music with my friends. The reason I am here is to recommend you this DRmare Spotify Music Converter. Thanks to me later.

You might be thinking that I am just bragging, but you are wrong here. The features and extraordinary quality I have experienced are enough to make you fall for this DRmare Spotify Music Converter. So the first problem that I faced was the inability to save my favorite playlist in my local drive. But you can not permanently download the list and can’t share it on more than one local device. The exception is the part of all the local devices such as Android, Windows, Apple, and MacOS, etc. This feature arrives with only a premium account. But I would gladly spend a small amount of money just for listening to my favorite music. DRmare can download songs and allow you to save an entire playlist, an album, or a complete audiobook.

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The second feature that attracts me and practically was enough to boom my mind is converting any format. MP3 is the common format that is mainly used for audio and other sounds. But not all devices can support the format. So you have to choose any other format for your file to keep working for you. DRmare Spotify Music Converter can convert the audio into MP3, FLAC WAV, and even M4A, M4B, and AAC. 

You might have experienced a loss of some parts of audio or bad sound effects while downloading audio. The problem is not with the file, but it’s with your downloader. I screwed up when I tried to use more than one music converter and all they bring was the extremely bad audio quality. Otherwise, it may contain unwanted voices or cracking. But DRmare has proved itself in this regard as the best one you can have. It does not copy the sound; instead, it completely restores the audio from the source without losing a part of it.

 A huge blooper happens to me when I downloaded some music files and end up losing them. I saved few files in my local drive, and after few days of ending my subscription, I found out that the files were not working. DRmare saved you from such a worts situation. You can download and keep files in your local drive as long you want to. You can transfer files to other devices, and they will remain intact.

Unlike other software, DRmare arrives with an inbuilt library, where you can organize your item either by the name of the artist or album. You can also vary the channel rate, bit rate, and even the codec, etc. The classification allows you to keep a good history of data without the headache of searching the music according to your mood. 

The speed of this music converter is the fact that nobody can deny. It downloads the item 5 times faster than any other normal music converter. I was able to download multiple items simultaneously, and it was not taking even more than seconds. 

DRmare has got everything that you can desire in terms of a music downloader. It can save your favorite music either you are using a free or premium account; you won’t have to compromise over the quality of music. Just download and sync all the playlists according to your desires and listen to the music, a thing that can heal you. If you are looking to buy a Spotify Music Converter, then DRmare is the best choice you can ever make.

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How to download DRmare Spotify Music Converter?

Visit the official website of DRmare SpoTify Music Converter

Two options will be available, you can either download the DRmare music converter by clicking on the button of download. Or you can buy the Premium Account.

For Premium Account, you can choose the desired package. The packages include:

  • 1-Month Liscense
  • Single Liscence
  • Family Liscense

Yoiu can buy any package according to your budget.

User guide

Follow these simple steps to download yopur favorite playlist of Spotify.

  1. Bring the Spotify songs to DRmare Software

For bringing songs into DRmare Software, just follow these simple steps:

Double click the short cut icon to launch the Music Converter that will automatically links itself with Spotify on your device. Now bring the songs or album from the Spotify saved section to the conversion window of DRmare Software. 

  1. Choose the desired format and select other desired parameters

So now your songs are at the the main window of DRmare Music Converter. Click the menu bar and choose preferences. It means you have to select a suitable format such as MP3, MAV, AAC, FLAC and M4B. Similarly you have to select the channel number and the bit rate. You can select any speed of downloading from 1X to 5X depending upon your preferences.

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Spotify Music Converter
  1. Start converting your favorite music

Now simply click the button “Convert” and start downloading. The DRmare will start converting according to the format you chose. Now you can easily locate the downloaded files in the library of DRmare from where you can transfer them to any local device.

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