‘Quit-Tok’ Trend Is All Over The Internet Right Now, Here’s What It’s All About

So, “Quit-Tok” is now something that has gained traction on social media and it might just be kind of embarrassing. We have all seen video snippets from creators online where they have recorded their conversations with their employees about their work schedule or layoffs and more, right?

All About ‘Quit-Tok’ Trend

Uploading one’s quitting moment on social media might just be a fun and happy memory at the moment, but it might cause loads of issues in getting a new job later on, which will affect the person on a long-term basis.

But now QuitTok is something where people are live streaming while they are quitting their jobs. Now, employers and HR people are urging people online that they should not do things like this, mostly because it might just create a bad effect.

But the person who is quitting does feel a huge sigh of relief after taking that step, and live streaming yourself during that might just make you feel that you have the upper hand, but it can be detrimental later on.

Paige from Florida is the person who started the whole trend, and later she opened up about how silly she felt after doing it. She said, “It was not the mature thing to do, and my parents were on my back about it. I now have a new job… It seems like a cool way to show that you have power over others, but the next day, I felt like it was stupid.”

Neil Costa, CEO of HireX, said it might just be like the train wreck videos which people can see but just can’t ignore either. It’s pathetic but also very attractive to people to watch online. “Similar to a train wreck that you can’t look away from, these videos are so shocking that they’re going viral… This often includes publicly dragging their employers for alleged misconduct in some way,” he said.

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