10 Best Chaitra Navratri Mehendi Designs

Chaitra Navratri Mehendi Designs- Chaitra Navratri is the celebration and acknowledgement of Shakti which is present in the universe. It is a 9-day-long celebration that is done after the springtime and according to the regional calendar, it is also called the Vasanta Navratri.

During this puja, the 9 different avatars of the goddess Durga are celebrated. This year, the stretch of the puja is from April 9th to April 17th. To dress up and glam up for this festive occasion, make sure to have intricate mehendi designs on your hands.

The festival also celebrates the victory of good over evil. It is a celebration of hope, positivity, and triumphant activities happening around. This festival is also the best way to introspect and have a clear vision of yourself.

Mehendi, which is extracted from leaves and is also called henna, is a very popular way to get ready for festivities. Different intricate designs are drawn on hands and feet to create a stain. The stain lasts over 10 – 15 days, and women all around the nation, particularly in the northern part of India, apply henna to commemorate festivities or any positive events.

If you’re looking for inspiration and dapper designs to look festive-ready for this celebration, below we have mentioned the 10 best Chaitra Navratri mehendi designs for you.

10 Best Chaitra Navratri Mehendi Designs:

1. Pretty Chaitra Navratri Mehendi Design

Credit: @arbic_mehndi/Instagram

2. Upper Hand

Credit: @henna.sumaiya/Instagram

3. Feet Chaitra Navratri Mehendi Design

Credit: @stylishmehndidesign/Instagram

4. Gaudy

Credit: @mylanchi_by_najumunnisa/Instagram

5. Floral Chaitra Navratri Mehendi Design

Credit: @hennabytabassum_/Instagram

6. Mandala

Credit: @stylishmehndidesign/Instagram

7. Aesthetic

Credit: @stylishmehndidesign/Instagram

8. Leaf Chaitra Navratri Mehendi Design

Credit: @stylishmehndidesign/Instagram

9. Artsy

Credit: @stylishmehndidesign/Instagram

10. Subtle Chaitra Navratri Mehendi Design

Credit: @stylishmehndidesign/Instagram

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