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Child Health Day 2021: When is national child health day in the USA and Canada? History, Significance, Activities and More

Every Year, the first Monday of October is celebrated as National Child Health Day in the United States and Canada. A child’s Good Health is the foundation of all growth and development. The day raises awareness about the care and guidance children need to grow strong and healthy and works with on agenda of “Investing in our future means investing in our children”. National Child Health day’s other aim is to promote healthy growth and development and end preventable child deaths.

When is National Child Health Day in the USA and Canada in 2021?

The National Child Health Day is celebrated every year on the First Sunday of October. This year (2021) the day will be celebrated on 4 October.

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History, and Significance

National Child Health Day was first celebrated on 1 May 1928, after the proclamation by 30th President US President Calvin Coolidge. Till 1960, it was celebrated on 1 May every year, but in 1960 the day was into the first Monday of October.


  • Put some healthy food in your chil’s daily meal.
  • Start doing daily morning exercise along with your child.
  • Give your child some tips to live a healthy life.
  • Schedule your child’s next routine checkup.

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