Complete Guide To Chatbot Software

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Maybe you are on your way to making the transition from the traditional way of handling customers and business inquires to the automatic response of chatbots and virtual inboxes, where you can store and reply from anywhere in the world. 

Among content marketing, influencer marketing, and branding your web-based business, chatbots are the latest integrated communication part of the operational flow of any online service. From online fashion brands to mental health helplines, more and more businesses around the world have turned their attention in the last few years to chatbot solutions. 

This short article is a comprehensive introduction to how you can install a chatbot for FAQ section on your website, if that is what you want to achieve, or for handling all the messages between you and your public audience. 

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Step 1- Define The Needs and The Budget

As stated before, specific chatbots can handle specific requirements. If you only want to greet and direct new people who visit your website for the first time to a specific product or service category in your menu, the AI-powered chatbot you opt for, shouldn’t be a super sophisticated one. 

It can be of great help to correctly identify if your company actually needs a chatbot, or you just follow an increasing trend. You don’t need to pay for extra coding and algorithm changes in order to install it on your website. Chances are that the platform you host your website on allows for easy integration of a standard chatbot solution without hours of programming and several testing sessions.

However, if you want a super humane interaction to take place and you want to completely automatize the conversations taking place directly between you and your audience, you should invest in a super-intelligent chatbot.

In this case, it might cost more than an average solution from the market. After all, it is a performant chatbot that can do the job of a manager and handle everything from appointments to the total cost of a service you offer to your customers.

Step 2 – Customize the Identity of Your Chatbot 

Maybe you already have a team of customer support specialists and you think that paying for extra solutions is an unnecessary expense. Having a chatbot installed on your website is a great opportunity to brand and boost your online presence.

The identity of a brand goes way beyond the logo and the tagline of your business. You can turn your chatbot into a separate character that brightens your customers’ day and entertains them, which is a task a lot of people fail at. Rely on people for handling complaints and upset customers in order to give them the emotional support they need when they are dissatisfied with your services. 

Studies have shown that offering a human-to-human interaction can go a long way in calming the nerves of an angry customer. And receiving a bad Google review or Facebook post has negative consequences on your online reputation. 

Step 3 – Optimize The Messages and Time Request 

The following step is one that involves the creativity and the attention to detail that you can use to personalize your chatbot’s presence. When it comes to sending the right welcome message or notifications regarding their orders, there are so many nuances to the tone of voice, length of the actual written message, and timing between the lines your clients receive in their dialogue box.

Handling each of these elements with patience and putting a bit of effort into customizing them will bring a cool identity to your brand. Chatbots increase the credibility and trust in your brand.

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Final Thoughts 

Customers will get used in time to the specific communication style and be able to recognize it, so, a chatbot means extra points to your online brand’s personality. 

Whether you want to modernize your business’s communication flow or you are genuinely interested in a faster operating rhythm, a chatbot can highly influence your working environment and be of great help to your employees and your clients as well. 

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