Copenhagen’s Old Bourse Burns and Loses its Spire: A ‘Notre Dame Moment’

Copenhagen, April 16 (IANS/DPA) The Danish capital faced a devastating fire at the historic stock exchange building, likened to the Notre Dame tragedy. The fire caused the spire to collapse, with half of the building engulfed in flames. The fire drew in a large response from firefighters and volunteers.

The fire brigade confirmed that the fire had damaged supporting structures of the 400-year-old building, known as Børsen, which holds a significant art collection. Several streets around the building were cordoned off, as the fire continued to blaze.

Danish Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen compared the situation to Notre Dame, expressing his sorrow at the loss of an iconic building. King Frederik X also lamented the damage, stating that the building held significance in shaping Copenhagen’s cityscape.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen acknowledged the historical importance of the stock exchange, pledging to restore the Dragon Spire. The cause of the fire remains unknown, as investigations continue into the incident at the historic landmark.

The Børsen building, with its distinctive spire, is a symbol of Copenhagen’s history and a major tourist attraction. Currently undergoing restoration, the building’s façade was being restored to its original design before the fire broke out, leading to the evacuation of nearby offices in Christiansborg Palace.


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