Damien Guerot, The Saviour of Sydney Bondi Junction Shooting Promised Permanent Australia Citizenship 

A mass shooting in Bondi Junction in Australia is currently the talk of the town. In the wake of the incident, a French national, Damien Guerot, received widespread recognition for his courageous intervention in the incident, reported TimesNow.

In the recently released video, Guerot can be seen exuding extraordinary bravery as he confronted Joel Cauchi, the assailant. Notably, Joel Cauchi claimed the lives of a Pakistani man and five other women. 

During the brawl, Guerot’s quick reaction and interference to stop more damage from occurring was beyond exceptional. 

The incident occurred in an area where many kids were present. The camera caught Guerot’s prompt intervention and showcased an incredible picturization of selflessness and bravery, making the video picture viral. 

Damien Guerot, when this brawl broke, was facing an uncertain future in the nation as the expiry date of his visa was near. 

However, Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister of Australia, has reportedly promised that “Guerot would be welcome to stay in the nation permanently in response to strong popular support and a petition calling for his citizenship.”

The Prime Minister also demonstrated his appreciation for the strength and courage shown by Guerot. 

As per Mail Online, Albanese could be quoted saying,

“I say this to Damien Guerot, who is dealing with his visa applications, that you are welcome here. You are welcome to stay for as long as you like.”

What did Damien Guerot Do?

Guerot recalled the terrible day of the feud and described the tense moments. He approached Joel Cauchi with Silas Despreaux, his compatriot, in an escalator at the mall.

The duo tries to stop him with bollards. But Joel escaped for a while, not for too long. Later, NSW Police Inspector Amy Scott reacted at the scene and shot Cauchi to death when Joel attempted to assault her. 

Damien also appreciated Amy Scott and tagged her as, “the real hero.”

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