‘Darlings’ Twitter Review: Alia Bhatt’s New Film Gets Mixed Reaction, Here’s Why

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Needless to say that the film, “Darlings” received backlash even before it was released. That clears out the fact that it’s a mixed reaction anyway. The storyline is based on reverse domestic abuse, where the wife takes revenge on her husband who abused her. Considering all the recent cases of domestic abuse on men, the hashtag of #BoycottDarlings did take a huge toll.

The most noticeable feature that “Darlings,” a movie that highlights family abuse, gets right is the manner it depicts its pair: a man who continues to abuse his wife and the spouse who persists in hoping against hope that one day he would reform.

A chronic wife-beater doesn’t do it because he’s compelled to; rather, he enjoys it. After feeling powerless most everywhere, notably at his profession, where he receives poor treatment, he feels like a huge guy in his own home. Women who continue to deny the abuse while covering up all signs of it with a cheery façade do so from a position of almost unbelievable fortitude that most other victims can identify with.

The movie grips us until we continue to follow the return between them within their poisoned society. Few actresses currently employed in Bollywood have Bhatt’s capacity to detect emotions without speaking a single word, which shows her mental warmth beneath her hustle manic episodes.

The great thing about Varma is that he doesn’t actually get what he wants because he works as a citation assessor at the bottom of the totem pole in his workplace for a cheerful bully (Karmakar), therefore he will make absolutely sure that no other individual gets what he desires. All of it is command structure, and he seldom makes a mistake.

‘Darlings’ Trailer

‘Darlings’ Twitter Review

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