8 Rani Pari Web Series List for 2024 (18+ Only)

Rani Pari Web series – The famous model and fashion influencer is a well-known face among the younger audience. Listed below are some of the best Rani Pari web series that you can watch at night. Keep scrolling- 

Top 8 Rani Pari Web series

1. Pahredaar 4 

Rani Pari Web Series - Prime Play
Cast:Shyna Khatri, Rani Pari, and Kamana Newar
Crew:Director: Porus

The story of this Rani Parti web series explores a sexual relationship between a sasur and a bahu. While the son is out of town due to work, sasur decides to take care of his Bahu. Soon sexual attraction began to rise and both start to get physical with each other. The web series is filled with bold scenes and vulgar dialogue. 

2. Dosti

Rani Pari Web Series
Cast:Amar Hotwani
Tarakesh Chauhan
Bhavesh Kantaria
Crew:Director: S. Rao

Famous actor Tarakesh Chauhan has been cast in the leading role. If you are looking for a good web series that is based on teenage drama, romance and lust then this is right on your alley. The web series is available on Prime Play. 

3. Chhoti Bahu

Cast:Shyna Khatri, Rani Pari
Crew:Director: Porus

Quite bold and based on sexual fantasies. It shows a daughter-in-law getting sexually attracted towards her devar and sasur. Something the Indian audience is not ready for. Watch the daughter-in-law decides to make a plan to control the entire family through sasur and her devar. 

4. Sauda

Rani Pari Web Series
Cast:Vallabha Lakshmi, Rani Pari
Crew:Director: soon update

A couple are struggling financially in their marriage. The guy is working hard to get a promotion. In the meantime, the boss likes his wife and is looking for ways to get her bed with him. So he asks the guy to bring his wife to his home in exchange for a promotion he desperately wants. Watch the web series as the drama unfolds. 

5. Adhuri Aas

Rani Pari Web Series - Hunters
Cast:Ujjwal Singh
Anu Maurya
Priya Roy
Crew:Director: S. Rao

The cast features Anu Morya, Bhimraj Malaji, Vinda Tripathi and Farhan Ansari in the main roles. Farhan Ansari s best known for his charming personality and the audience loves to watch him on screen. 

6. Pehredaar 3

Rani Pari Web Series
Cast:Rani Pari, Shyna Khatri and Jayshree Gaikwad
Crew:Director: Sudhir Mishra

One of the most popular web series on Prime Play. The cast includes Prashant Desh Pandey, Shayna Khatri, Deepak Dutt Sharma and  Jayshree Gaikwad in the leading role. 

7. Sisters

A guy likes his girlfriend’s younger sister. So, he decides to forcefully force her to have a romantic relationship with him. Watch the web series to know what happens when the sister finds out about this. 

OTT Platform Bull Originals 
Cast Rani Pari, Tina Nandy and Akash Dwiedi

8. Seal Ajab Hai

The web series is about a village where there is a tradition to remain a virgin till you get married. But out of all, a boy finds out that a married lady in a village is a virgin even after marriage. 

OTT Platform Battameez Originals 
Cast Gaurav Khanna, Priya Roy and Asfaque Usmani

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