Eating excessive raisins can cause obesity and many other problems, Know its Side-effects

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Raisin Side-effects/Kishmish khane ke nuksan: Consuming dry fruits in the morning is definitely considered healthy. But if they are not consumed in limited quantities then they can be harmful to health. Raisins are an excellent source of iron, potassium, vitamin B, and carbs. Raisins do not add to many diseases like constipation, BP, anemia. But there are some disadvantages of eating raisins, which many people are not familiar with. In this case, let us know what negative effects are on health by consuming it in unlimited amounts –

Can increase weight

Raisins are extremely high in calories. According to nutrition experts, there are 249 calories in about 100 grams of raisins. Excess intake of these leads to excess calories in the body, which leads to weight gain. Also, it contains fructose and glucose which helps in increasing obesity.

Increases the risk of diabetes

Health experts believe that raisins can prove very harmful for diabetics. Everyone knows that raisi are made by drying the grapes. Grape is also harmful for diabetes patients. According to experts, the amount of sugar in raisins is more than grapes. A cup of grapes is believed to contain 27 grams of carbohydrate, while a cup of raisins has approximately 115 grams.

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Chance of allergy

Many healthy people also get allergic to raisins. Due to its effect, skin rash, redness, itching may be reported. In such a situation, these people should avoid eating raisins.

Trouble breathing

People eating too much raisins may have trouble breathing. Not only this, it increases the chances of diarrhea, vomiting, gas and fever.

Fatty liver

Excess intake of raisins can also be harmful for the liver. It contains high amount of triglycerides, which causes fatty liver and other serious diseases.

How much to eat in a day

Health experts believe that eating raisins soaked overnight is better. You can eat 5-7 raisins a day, consuming them on an empty stomach will prove beneficial.

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