Elli AvrRam Looked Bo*ld In Her Sequinned Black Saree, Netizens called her – “Gorgeous”

Recently, Elli AvrRam totally stole the show at the most current glamour competitions with her daring choice of attire. The performer showed up dressed in really unorthodox attire. She floated away in a puffy white frock gown that she accessorized with a generous black skirt and a chignon.
There’s no doubt that Elli shone out with her persona, despite the fact that many people could have second thoughts about enjoying this appearance. The upcoming “Ganpath” actress went above and above to ensure that her dramatic entrance on the red carpet of the Elle Beauty Awards was drawing attention.

Elli AvrRam Bo*ld Desi Black Saree Look


Elli AvrRam posted several pictures of herself where she was actually looking very pretty. Pretty enough to get paps running behind her. Here she went for a very contemporary, fresh, off-the-charts look. She drapped a black sequined glittery glam-filled saree along with the matching glasses. The pear necklace also adds in a hint of style statement to this look.

Elli AvrRam

Elli AvrRam is wearing those Gucci gloves here, for the style and this goes well with the entire ensemble she tried to put together here. The makeup is kept very subtle and towards the no makeup look, and she is wearing ear studs to fill the look as well! Well honestly, let’s just wait and appreciate how beautiful she looks here. She aced the entire outfit without any hassle whatsoever.

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