Five Killed, Many Injured in Leipzig, Germany, Motorway Collision

On March 27, Wednesday, at least five individuals were killed, and a dozen others sustained critical injuries on a busy freeway near Leipzig, in eastern Germany, reported TimesNow.

The accident occurred involving a bus in which the coach was carrying two drivers and 53 passengers. The accident took place when the vehicle was traveling to Zurich from Berlin. 

In the morning on Wednesday, the bus overturned between the Schkeuditzer Kreuz and Wiedemar freeway junction.

The coach, as per reports, was operated by Flixbus. Moreover, the coach “swerved off the A9 before falling over onto its side.”

As the accident occurred, emergency services were provided for the injured individuals.

Helicopters and ambulances were also visible in the area.

German authorities reported that the freeway was also closed from both directions. 

The news of the accident was confirmed by the Saxony Police.

The statement said,

“Several people were fatally injured in a serious accident on the A9 freeway. There are numerous casualties.”

According to WION, Flixbus said,

“the exact circumstances of the accident are not yet known.”

It added,

“We are of course working closely with the local authorities and the emergency services on site and will do everything in our power to clarify the cause of the accident quickly and completely.”

About A9 Motorway Crash in Germany’s Leipzig

The A9 autobahn connects Germany’s capital city, Berlin, with Munich in the south. Thus, it is a significant and crucial thoroughfare in the nation.

The motorway stretches across various regions and cities, including Ingolstadt, Nuremberg and Leipzig. 

It is regarded as Germany’s most significant and longest motorway. 

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