India introduces new database to track crimes against UN peacekeepers

Indian Ambassador to the UN, Ruchira Kamboj, announced the launch of a new database designed to record crimes against peacekeepers during a high-level meeting of the India-led Group of Friends (GOF). The GOF was launched in December 2022 to promote accountability for crimes against the Blue Helmets.

“Delighted to announce the launch of a new database designed to record crimes against Peacekeepers & monitor progress in holding perpetrators accountable,” Ambassador Kamboj said.
India is leading the Group of Friends dedicated to advocating for accountability. The database, sponsored by India, aims to facilitate comprehensive analysis and promote accountability.

The database will serve as an online repository, empowering the Secretariat, Missions, and member states to monitor and address cases of malicious acts against Peacekeepers. The initiative comes after 32 UN peacekeepers, including two Indians, lost their lives in deliberate attacks in 2022.

During a meeting, Ambassador Kamboj highlighted the group’s progress and emphasized insights gained into challenges surrounding accountability, particularly in strengthening the rule of law within Mission areas. The GOF, comprising 40 member states, is focused on strengthening legal frameworks against perpetrators of malicious acts targeting Peacekeepers.

The group discussed strategies to support measures for ensuring accountability for crimes against peacekeepers. The development of the database is seen as a significant step in promoting accountability within UN Peacekeeping missions. India continues to advocate for accountability and aims to enact impactful measures advancing accountability for crimes against Peacekeepers.


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