Government’s problems will increase Rakesh Tikait said this big thing about the farmers movement …

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Farmers leader Rakesh Tikait, who has demanded the central government to withdraw the new agricultural law, has once again said that if the Modi government is not able to take a decision soon, this protest can be drawn by October. He said that the Annadata of the country is sad today. But the government is repeatedly being disregarded.

Let me tell you that till 11 rounds of talks have been held between the Central Government and the Farmers Organization so far to remove the deadlock over the agricultural law. Who is dying However, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has said on many occasions that always the government is with the farmers.

But some forces are trying to mislead them. He has claimed that most of the farmers across the country are satisfied with the new agricultural law, but the issue is being tried unintentionally due to opposition parties. Which is not correct.

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On the way, the religious flag was hoisted in the Red Fort on the way to the capital on Republic Day. Then it was stunted during the tractor parade at ITO, due to which people expressed displeasure over the farmer movement across the country. But when the Delhi Police, which went to arrest Rakesh Tikait, returned empty-handed late at night when Rakesh Tikait made an emotional appeal to the peasant supporters. Only then did the movement become alive again.

After which, however, PM Modi said that the government is sitting on a phone call away. That is, the dispute can be resolved with the passage of time. But due to the silence on both sides regarding the date, the new date is not able to decide the talks.

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